Help me identify these spaceships?

I recently came across a mobile game called 2 Minutes In Space. The idea is simple: You control a little pixelated space ship in a 2D environment and missiles come at you from all directions. Survive as long as you can. There are some bonus items you can pick up, items you can unlock, etc., but the basic gameplay is just steering around dodging missiles. I usually last about 30 seconds to a minute. Still new to the game. I did make it past the 2 minute mark once, but nothing special happened.

Thing is, you can unlock different ships. And they’re all rather familiar. You start out piloting a space shuttle, but after that you can unlock ships that have guns which can shoot down some of the missiles.

I know most of the ship models on sight, which makes me happy. There are a couple of deep cuts in there, too. But there are a few ships I don’t recognize, and I’m curious if any of you nerds do.

Shuttle: NASA Space Shuttle. Real.

X1: X-wing fighter. Star Wars.

Delta Fighter: Viper. Battlestar Galactica.

Eagle: Thunderfighter. Buck Rogers. This one took me a while. I actually originally wrote this post knowing I recognized it, but not able to place it. I remembered Space 1999 had Eagle ships, but they looked nothing like this. I remembered to look up Buck Rogers and refresh my memory as I was finishing the post.

MK-2: Viper. Battlestar Galactica reboot.

X-Fighter: Star Fury. Babylon 5.

Raider: Cylon Raider. Battlestar Galactica reboot.

Valkyrie: ???

Titan: ???

Shuttle MK2: Moonraker had modified Space Shuttles with lasers, but they didn’t look like that. I vaguely recall another series that used modified Shuttles, but can’t remember the details. Is this an original design?

Glider: Gua’uld Death Glider. Stargate.

Blue Star: Mirage. Silverhawks. I took the screenshot of the escape pod detached, but it’s normally connected to the rest of the ship. The design is modified from the Mirage in the show, but it’s still distinctive enough that I recognized it as soon as I saw the escape pod launch.

NXS-01: I don’t know. As you can see, it transforms, with the wings moving from a delta shape to an attack position with guns. The forward angle of the wings reminds me of an experimental real world fighter jet that didn’t work too well. But I suspect this design is from a series I haven’t watched. The NX designation makes me think of Enterprise, but I don’t recall a ship like that from the first season. I did not manage to watch the rest of that train wreck, so maybe it’s from one of the later seasons? Doesn’t look much like a Trek ship, though.

The Lightning: The nacelles make it look like a DS9 runabout, but the sleeker design and high-speed name make me think it’s meant to be the Delta Flyer from Voyager.

Horizon: Federation starship. Star Trek. It’s kind of a blend? Harder to tell because the nacelles are upside-down. The elongated saucer section puts it in Next Generation territory, but the nacelles are more Constitution class. The saucer section does not appear to detach as with Galaxy class. But it’s also not the Voyager flying spoon. Possibly Sovereign class? But I expect it’s a deliberate mashup, both for copyright purposes and so that players can pick their favorite series and call it close enough.

Can you fill in the blanks? Did I get anything wrong?


Looks more like the Valkyrie shuttle from James Cameron’s Avatar (2009). The engine pods embedded in the delta wing are distinctive.

The NXS-01 is the stealthy, hypersonic, swing-wing FA-37 Talon fighter-bomber aircraft from the movie Stealth (2005).

I think you have the Battlestar Galactica Vipers swapped. The MK-2 is a dead ringer for the Mk. II Viper in the original series, while the Mk. VII Vipers in the reboot were considerably more streamlined, making them a much better match for the Delta Fighter.

The Horizon could be a Nova-class Starfleet vessel like the USS Equinox that appeared in Star Trek: Voyager. It’s hard to be sure, however, given the proliferation of ship designs since CGI took over from practical models in the canonical TV series, the official online combat game, and too numerous to count original designs in the Starfleet school of style.

I’m just much at a loss for the Valkyrie and Titan cards as you are. The Valkyrie’s bird-like features are a bit reminiscent of Hawk’s Fighter in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century season 2 as well as Romulan starship designs, but the wings are just flat-out wrong for those.

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Thank you! That is some excellent geekery. I am most appreciative.

The wings on the Raider are definitely clunkier than the Cylon Raider in the reboot. They did take some liberties. But, yeah. Nothing about Valkyrie says “Romulan.” Nor does it look anything like the Asgard ships from SG-1. Or Marvel. The coloring and bird design are a little reminiscent of Gatchman/Battle of the Planets/G-Force, but the name Valkyrie makes no sense in that context, and the series didn’t take place in space. (Well, the G-Force dub did, but still didn’t have space ships.) And it doesn’t even look like the ships from that show. Just the costume. The Kilrathi from Wing Commander had bird ships, but, again, the wings are all wrong.

What really bugs me is that I’m sure I’ve seen Titan before. I just can’t think of where. At all. Although it does somewhat resemble a B-2 bomber?

I think the Titan bears some resemblance to the Longsword-class from the Halo game series, though without the long, trailing, vertical fin.

Good to know I’m not the only one confused by Titan. It’s like I KNOW what it is, but it’s not coming to me.

And I’m kind of surprised none of these is from The Last Starfighter, though I can’t find a good shot from above of that ship anyway.

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Does this help?

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Ah, the Gunstar. I’ve always loved its design, and then there was Death Blossom mode! If you’re looking for an orthographic view of it, this looks pretty accurate.

Edit: ooh, looky what I found! The original hand-drawn concept sketches for the Gunstar by the late Ron Cobb!

I’ve occasionally wondered if the Babylon 5 Starfury was informed by the Gunstar design, particularly the later Thunderbolt version.

As an aside, there’s actually a proposed sequel that’s been stuck in development hell for a while. No details, though.


Death Blossom: The ultimate in friendly fire weaponry.


Not a problem so long as there aren’t any friends nearby!

Death Blossom: just point and shoot — at everything.

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OMG, I stared at that chart for over an hour when this thread was first posted. :laughing: My big problem (besides the fact I was squinting at an iPhone screen) was that these are side views, not up top. Then I got distracted figuring out which ship was the biggest…

Bwhahaha! No lies detected!

And these guys missed an opportunity to include a bit of a deep cut with the Hammerhead from Space Above and Beyond. Just sayin’!


And that is SEVERELY cool. :heart_eyes: