Help Me Make The Best Bad Movie List on Letterboxd!

Hi all! I just joined the MST3K forums and I am loving it here! As a connoisseur of bad films, my dream is to make the most comprehensive bad movie list on Letterboxd for all bad movie fans to enjoy. I’ve added about 150 of the worst films I am familiar with or have seen myself (you’ll definitely notice a lot of films that MST3K and Rifftrax have covered) but I want to expand it even more. If you have a suggestion on what to add (or even remove), leave a comment here on this thread or on my Letterboxd list.

Link to the list: ‎THE BAD MOVIE BIBLE, a list of films by TChanKawaii • Letterboxd


You definitely need to add Castle of Fu Manchu. Absolutely the worst movie MST3K have done and that’s saying something.


You can probably find some inspiration here:

BLOOD FREAK and THINGS need to be on that list.

BLOOD FREAK is an insane movie featuring Jesus and a vampire turkey, and THINGS is a Canadian film that I can best describe as “someone showed a bunch of Canadian hosers MANOS and said you can’t make a movie this incompetent,” and they were like “Hold my Puppers, eh?”

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