HELP! Need Good Sci/Fi & Horror Flicks From The Last 10 Years!

Does she prefer knitting… I’m guessing reading??


Talking, staring out the window, sitting on the balcony. Bizarre Bird! :laughing:

Did like doing a lot of things outdoors too.


As far as sci/fi, I really like Palm Springs. They saved it from just being a fantasy with the resolution – although I think it’s only on Hulu. I can’t think of a horror movie from the last 10 years that I’d want to watch again


Have you suggested a weenie roast?

A rummage sale?



Came to recommend Deadstream. The best part is it really captures the icky flavour of youtube personalities. Funny and actually scary in parts.

Late Night With the Devil fumbles a bit in the end but it’s a great slow burn flick.

Oh, and X and Pearl are really good. They are very different kinds of horror films set in the same universe. Looking forward to Maxxxine, the last film in the series.

I’d put Stopmotion, Birth/Rebirth and Brooklyn 45 as a bit weaker of good horror films I’ve seen but still doing interesting stuff. Stopmotion is a decent slow burn psychological thriller and I respect it knows we will predict the “twist” and decides not to treat it like a big reveal. Birth/Rebirth isn’t scary and I feel like it misses some opportunities but it is strong as a character piece. Brooklyn 45 has weaknesses in messaging and weirdly feels like it is supposed to have a younger cast than it does but the first half hour is really strong. But it really becomes a little too talky in a way I don’t think helps. Flawed movies but good movies.