Help on the kickstarter k on your name?

Im sure its been posted but i cant find it. How or where can you find the flair k for your name?. Ive backed the project but is it something else i need to do? Thank you for any help

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TL;DR: Folks need to make a request to join the backers2021 group.

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Actually, they don’t. As long as you filled out the backer info on your survey, the backerID will eventually be added to everyone in a big batch.


Yeah but when? It’s mid-October already

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The deadline for surveys was only a couple of weeks before filming started, and they are in a crunch to get all of Emily’s team’s filming done before the tour. I imagine @ivan will have more time once that first block is completed.


Thanks to all, I’ll just wait and see if i get one

Incidentally, that link takes me to a page not found/hidden, so either I’m not allowed to see it (trust level or whatnot) or it isn’t there anymore. I do need to go back and grab my backer number anyway, though, so I’m gonna do that.

Ah there we go, (notating it here so I have it in another place lol). 1636.

This is the most recent info on getting Backer status on the forum:

Yeah idk, I have everything selected and using the same email address I backed with so not sure what the deal is.