HELP US HELP YOU, A POLL: Problems with audio volume levels in episode 1301! Please respond 🙏

Hello friends. I’m trying to gather some very informal early data on the audio volume issues some of you encountered during the live event on Friday night. This is a little baffling to me as the volume balance was fine for me (watching on an Amazon Fire Stick) but clearly this was a not uncommon occurrence for many of you! I am hopeful that we will figure this out, and your info will help.

To be clear, I am asking ONLY about AUDIO VOLUME balance, and not about syncing issues that happened as a result of the initial technical difficulties! Those should be resolved in the VOD recording now available.

Did you experience problems with audio volume levels during SANTO IN THE TREASURE OF DRACULA?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m not sure

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If you DID experience problems with audio volume levels, what was the issue?

  • Movie too quiet, riffs too loud!
  • Riffs too quiet, movie too loud!

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If you DID experience problems with audio volume levels, were you watching the LIVE EVENT as it happened, or the recording of the event afterwards?

  • I watched LIVE on Friday night
  • I watched the VOD recording later on

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If you DID experience problems with audio volume levels, how did you watch episode 1301?

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple iOS
  • Apple tvOS
  • Android
  • Google TV
  • Roku
  • on the web
  • The Gizmoplex Virtual Theater
  • Another method I will explain below

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If you are up for it, please reply below sharing your individual experience. Also, if you did NOT experience any problems with sound being too loud or too quiet, we want to hear how you watched the episode too.

ANOTHER NOTE: This is not about the syncing issues some folks experienced. I’m just asking about volume troubles! Thank you.


For the most part the riffs were perceptibly louder than the film. There were also a few moments when the riffs themselves were too low, but I think those were more likely the riffer talking in a low voice than the sound levels being awry.


Roku and on the web.

Turned the volume waaaay up for the movie (so I could hear it). Turned it waaaay back down for the host segments.


Sound levels were fine - watched live on the web and rerun on Roku.

I use Bluetooth to send the audio to my hearing aids (wonders of technology!), FWIW.


Also on Roku, riffs & Host segments were a bit louder, but for my experience I didn’t feel the need to adjust volume while viewing. Could the sound settings on TV’s have made a difference depending on how we have them set up?


I watched the original “Dawn of The White Dot” streaming presentation and had the audio difficulties other have mentioned. The audio from the film seemed too low to catch what was being said oftentimes. Jonah’s voice always came through clearly, but sometimes Tom and/or Crow could be a little hard to hear in the theater.

I watched it again later on my laptop using headphones and that helped things. I did not have to fool with the audio levels much and I could hear every one better. But I really don’t like having to wear headphones for an entire movie.

I suspect when they are doing the audio editing & polishing, the sound people are also wearing headphones, so it sounds good to them. Perhaps they need to test the playback in an actual home room environment to see how it plays back in a fuller space competing against other ambient sounds.


Really appreciate that the crew is looking into improving this!

I know that the majority will likely agree that the movie wasn’t loud enough, or the riffs were too loud compared to the movie, but there will be some differences in what each person feels the exact correction should be…

It’d be great if this was something that each viewer could tweak to their personal tastes? It’d require different approaches depending on how they were watching, of course.

Thoughts on improving the experience in the apps -

I know that for older seasons, S0-S10, distinct audio track data probably isn’t available to tweak things, (without remastering/additional cost?) but would hope that for S11, 12, 13, that the data is there in a way that there’d be some way to easily/affordably add additional “audio programs”, like a SAP/language track, could have a SAP (Spanish), TAP (Movie 10% louder), FAP (Movie 20% louder)? This would also help users who download the episodes in the future because these additional audio programs would be included in the downloaded file. If the MST3K apps are using the native video players for each streaming device, the additional audio program options should just be available to select … no additional programing/app development expense should be needed? The only issue would be making these options known to the viewers? Perhaps add additional audio program notes in each episode description?

Thoughts on possibly improving the audio experience in the future in the Gizmoplex -

It’d be great if there was some way to add an interface element like level sliders, one for the movie, and one for the riffs.

Just my $0.02US


I watched the premiere live on and the audio levels were fine (except Joel at the start) but it did sound like I could hear the room tone during the riff and no room tone when there wasn’t a riff. I was wearing some good headphones

I watched the replay on Roku, no headphones and the audio levels came through fine and I didn’t notice the lack of room tone.


Yeah, I think we have a winner, here.


I watched it live on Friday. I casted it from the app to my television. I thought the movie was too quiet and the riffs were too loud. The host segments were fine.


I had no problem with audio levels on android (live and later) or on my browser, but the dubbing in heavily accented voices made the movie hard to understand. That’s totally out of your control, of course.


I was watching it live, but with sound through the hi-fi and proper loudspeakers, rather than the criminally bad garbage transducers you find installed even in expensive TVs or laptops.
Relative audio levels were perfectly decent this way.


I know this is only anecdotal, but I find the same balance issues occur with live streams of “The Mads”. I don’t watch those via Roku, just YouTube and had the same issue.

Volume of the movie, low; the riffing considerably louder.

I can only ponder if this has something to do with the way the content is being streamed, regardless of the platform it is being watched on.


Watched live through the Gizmoplex App through Roku stick on TV. Riffs were much louder during the first 20min or so, then it stabilized a bit. Riffs were still noticeably louder, but not as bad.

Opening and host segments were consistent at “riff volume.”


There has always been some episodes where the movie dialog could be louder. Sometimes this is the movie itself in some parts, but I think sometimes it is also the mixing. I wonder if they could mix a secondary audio track with the movie a bit louder that we could switch too if needed. We are beta testing after all.


I used my laptop to hardwire the web browser onto my tv, and I could tell a perceptible difference in the riff and movie audio tracks.
I noticed the “new” segments for the live stream were even louder, and that’s been an audio balancing issue that I noticed in the past livestreams.
I used my iPhone to watch some of the replay, and noticed the same volume issues.

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On the AppleTv it sounded fine. But as others reminded me there is a feature on the ATV to reduce loud noises and I DO have that engaged.
But I also watched the premiere again via Web interface and did have to ride the volume as when the riffs sounded fine the movies audio was far far too quiet.


Experience: Live view with the other backers; via browser and external speakers (not headphones or anything like that). Filled out the poll.

While the audio for the movie was lower than the riffing, it wasn’t so much so that I had to pump up the volume to absurd and disturbing levels to make things out. Just a nudge.


We had some volume discrepancies. We did switch from Surround into 7 channel stereo and that helped a bunch!

Sorry running on Windows via HDMI to receiver.)