Help with Response posting

Dumb question, I know how to paste a link to YouTube into a response here, but how do you make it so the video itself is actually in your response and not just the link?

Thanks for any help here!

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It should automatically turn the link into a video.

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Unfortunately, that hasn’t been my experience. Below is an example:

Perhaps I’m adding the link incorrectly?

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It works for me:

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Forgive me- so are you saying you say the video in my post, or does it just show as the link?

I see the video in your post, so I was wondering if you copied that link and the video showed up in yours.

No, in your post it’s just the link. I don’t know why. I do have to wait a second or two for the link to resolve into a video. Maybe you aren’t waiting?

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Thank you so much for all your help with this!

Dumb question, when you are posting your video link, are you using the “link” icon that is between the “Emphasis” icon and the “Blockqoute” icon?


Nope, I just paste the link straight into the text box.


you are the LITERAL BEST!!! That was it. I always used that link icon before.

Thank you so freaking much!


Happy to help!


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