Here you go - Physical Gizmoplex Tickets! (Printer required)

Apologies if someone has offered this already - I did a search and couldn’t find anything other than people suggesting it.

So… I’ve been meticulously collecting the images of each Gizmoplex event’s ticket from their respective video thumbnail images (prior to the image being replaced by a torn version of the ticket at the end of each livestream), then rotating the image so that it is straight, and cropping it out… All so that I can make this humble offering to the MST3K community.

Also so I could make the image in this thread.

Below you’ll find a link to a printable set of DIY souvenir Gizmoplex tickets! It comes in at two and a bit pages so far, as they’ve only published artwork for so many of the episodes/events. I’ll be sure to update this file with new tickets as the respective thumbnails become available, should there be interest in me keeping this up!

:tickets: Printable Gizmoplex Tickets ← Click to download

UPDATE 24 MAY: Added the delectable new ticket designs for “Munchie” and “Doctor Mordrid”


Thought I’d offer this other little suggestion - my partner suggested printing them out at around 30% size and sticking them on our wall calendar on the relevant dates, to remind us of the upcoming events.

Just thought it was too cute an idea not to share! :grin:


Was checking if these fit one of the Avery label templates and realized I should really just relax.

Thanks for making these!


I mean, if there’s an Avery label template that’s just a full A4 sheet, then YES!

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While there was no “ticket” image created for the community screening of Pod People today, the completionist in me has prompted me to make my own - I’ve updated the file above with today’s “bootleg” ticket.


Phew! I was getting nervous that the ticket artwork wasn’t going to be updated before the next event! What a treat! :heart_eyes:


Looks like there’s a certain period after which you can no longer edit your post, so I can’t list future updates in the initial post as I make them. Instead, I’ll just mention here that the file has now been updated with the ticket art for “Demon Squad”.


Thank you so much for doing this!!


Those tickets are awesome like that!

And welcome to the forums!


Oh heck, I’ve only just discovered this thread. Definitely getting these printed to keep with the rest of my Season 13 swag.

Er… merch.

Or… wait, what do you call it if you didn’t directly buy it, but you got it as a reward for a Kickstarter? Just a “reward”? That doesn’t have the same ring to it…


Oh, you mean the rest of your Season 13… [looks directly into the camera] … swaaaaaaaaaaaag.


Updated with the lickable new ticket art for the Gamera vs Guiron tribute event and the
Gamera vs Jiger premiere event.


That is brilliant! :metal:


Now updated with everything up to The Batwoman. :+1:


What about the example events on the Kickstarter?

I considered it, but ended up not including them for two main reasons:

  1. The images of the Kickstarter example tickets aren’t a high enough resolution to look any good when printed off, as well as parts of those ones being obscured by other tickets overlapping, and;

  2. They’re not actual event tickets. They look nice, but I see this set as souvenirs of each event that we’ve all been able to attend in the Gizmoplex.

Sorry. Hope that makes sense as to why they’re not included.


Eek! Sorry, I’m a bit late with this update. Thank goodness we don’t actually need the physical tickets to get into the Gizmoplex, right? I mean, I’m assuming Crow didn’t give anyone a hard time getting into The Million Eyes of Su-Muru

Anyhoo, the file at the top of this thread has now been updated with the aforementioned ticket, as well as the ones for the Tribute to Secret Agent Super Dragon and The Shape of Things to Come.