Hexfield View Screen VS Jet Screen VS Magic Voice

Just curious, if you could only have one of these things back for Season 13 and future seasons, which would you ask for???

Always loved the Hexfield Viewscreen as it made visitors to the SOL feel more real by being “in camera”.

Magic Voice is beloved as basically she became another character for me on the show… Not often used, but added correctly was like putting on a pinch of salt to the perfect meal.

Jet Screen is perfect as it kind of feels like an “in camera” version of cutaways Cambot used to do.

So I’ll throw it out to you all- what do you think sirs?

  • Hexfield Viewscreen
  • Jet Screen
  • Magic Voice

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Tough, tough call, but I went with the Hexfield Viewscreen, perhaps because it causes me to recall of the wonderful encounters throughout the years.

(but I love some Magic Voice, too)


I don’t mind the jet screen at all, but I prefer the Hexfield’s low tech genius. Also, love me some magic voice. Plus, it’d be a nifty way to get Bridget or Mary Jo to do more cameos as they could do so over VA recording.


I’ve always had a soft spot for the Magic Voice played, I think, by Alexandra Carr.


I do love Magic Voice, but the Hexfield Viewscreen is so much more. I’d love to see a new control room set with one. They could shoot everything else green screen


I will never forget the confetti being thrown to simulate hexfield viewscreen static during Joel’s final goodbyes to the ‘bots as he escaped the SOL.


I was about to support Jet Screen, but it seems the Hexfield must be brought back. Still, we want Magic Voice, but who can we get? Maybe Kim Cattrell?


The Jet Screen is a novel approach to incorporating certain imagery into a host segment.

That being said, I’m all about the low-tech charm of the Hexfield Viewscreen.

Also, Magic Voice forever. I particularly like the host segment where Magic Voice dismisses the sleazy narrator from The Atomic Brain. And I really appreciated how Magic Voice (and Cambot) were invited to join the rest of the SOL gang when they became pure energy at the end of Laserblast.


They’ve all got their place. Jet screen can be handy. But, honestly, it never did that much for me. Hexfield and Magic Voice both have their purposes, and I’ve got great fondness for both. But Hexfield is both more personal and more versatile than a single disembodied voice that only has a few stray lines here and there.

While we’re at it, I also kind of miss the hatch on the other side of the desk from the Hexfield. Originally intended to be a chute into the theater, then it became an airlock, and then it took over from Gypsy as the upper end of the Umbilicus, and I think it was a few other things in between.