Hey Comic Book fans! Shout out are you a Marvel,DC,Independent fan?Loyalist?

Hey Comic Book fans! Shout out are you a Marvel,DC,Independent fan?Loyalist?

You can check all three if you wanna. But, if you are a loyalist, only check one.

  • Marvel fan
  • DC fan
  • Independent fan

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“Loyalist” probably isn’t the right term since it was never a conscious decision. Just didn’t care for Marvel as a kid. (Though I did have a Kung-Fu collection which had Iron Fist and some others in it that I liked.)

Now, I guess I’m “indie”.

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Make mine Marvel! Usually. I’ll partake of an Indie comic if it pushes the right buttons, and have even been known to peer into the DC universe now and then. Marvel has taken more of my comic book dollars by a wide margin, though.

I’m assuming that you’re including Image and IDW books as “Independent”?

I was a DC kid but I’ve not read a DC book since the New 52 made it clear they didn’t want me as a reader, and Marvel I only got into when Morrison came on X-men, and got dropped at Avengers Vs. X-Men, great job making your iconic heroes into villains guys!

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Let’s see… Image, Archie, AWA, Dark Horse, IDW, Aftershock, Top Shelf, Kaboom!, 451, Aardvark-Vanaheim, misc others. With only a quick dip into DC (WW Historia) and Marvel (Gwenpool).
So, yep, “Indie”. Loyal only to my whims.

P.S. Yes, got the MST3K set (Dark Horse).

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Not these days, I read what’s good from a variety of publishers.

When I was a kid, Marvel all the way, grew up with 60s Marvel and they really spoke to me. The notion that these heroes could have real life problems, they just weren’t new Gods who punched baddies, yeah, that set them apart and was something I enjoyed (now a days, however, they’re all angsty)

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Most of the comics I’m reading right now are Image or indie. I don’t read any Marvel books at all and the only DC ones I get are Harley Quinn and the new Sandman series.

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As a kid (1969-74, less 1975-6), my list would be Archie, Harvey and Charlton, with Gold Key as the odd man out that I bought the least. All humor comics for me.

Later, Marvel was just basically Crazy magazine and Howard the Duck (the former I discovered in late '75 and came to like the 1973-5 issues as their best. The later I discovered in late 1979) for me.

Of course, I voted indy, as I remain indifferent to superheroes (I don’t count The Maxx as a truly superhero book except on surface level). The key books in my adult reading are Bone, Cerebus, and Strangers in Paradise.

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Maybe because I’m a bit younger, the DC characters had acquired some of these human traits when I was reading. I remember Batman having…issues, Superman and Lois were always at loggerheads, Flash and Iris were constantly on the verge of divorce…

But I never try to “reason” it out because I think it’s just aesthetic (for me, anyway). The appeal wasn’t any specific textual content, it was just something about the house style.

I think I find it funny that the discussion even exists, really. Logically, there’s no reason you couldn’t like Batman but be just as into Thor. Or Superman and Spider-Man. But there is some kind of line.

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Yeah, for me, DC was a lot of Aquaman talking to fish, Batman gadding about on giant typewriters, it wasn’t until someone like Denny O’Neal signed on, and you started seeing stories about addiction, or women’s rights - and he had that famous run with Adams on Batman, that you saw a shift towards more maturity, if you will.

But as characters, apart from that, I liked Batman and Wonder Woman.

Still, it was Peter Parker I could relate to. I think as a shy kid I needed a hero like that.


Yeah, that’s my generation.

Interesting, because—and maybe this is key—I don’t think I really relate to characters in literature (or movies) except generally, in the most abstract or remote senses. Like watching Whiplash, I laughed pretty much through the whole movie, because I got J. K. Simmons’ character immediately, I had seen teachers like that and I had seen students destroyed by them. But I didn’t relate to either of them.

Similarly, when I write, I consider the cardinal sin making the characters me rather than becoming the characters myself.

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Depends more on the subject. I’ve got Doc Savage comics from Gold Key, Marvel, and Dark Horse; Man From UNCLE comics from Millennium and Gold Key; and when I was a kid, I would select DC Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl comics by cover art alone.

So I’m all over the place.


I was not opposed to the occasional Harvey/Gold Key comic. I had a few Uncle Scrooges, too.

My mom had a pristine collection of Scrooges from the days of the great Carl Barks.

Which her mother burned. :scream:

I added to my post, about being a shy kid. But yeah, I’ve related to a lot of characters, or at least empathized with them. Levin in Anna Karenina, his hunger for authenticity, it just drove him to distraction. I got that, I felt that.

There’s nothing better than when I can “feel” something in literature. Even if it’s outside my own experiences, an author putting me in a place and time, making me feel as much as intellectualize, makes it all the more special.

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Oh, especially when it’s outside my own experiences. Maybe I’m thinking of the word “relate” too narrowly because I certainly get that idea.

Yeah, make mine Marvel.

Of course, that was many years ago. But I got into all the mutant titles (both of them at the time) and the Silver Surfer. I mean, sci-fi space adventure. On a surfboard. :star_struck:

That spiralled into a rather too-big comic collection that spanned all the companies at the time. But I liked Marvel for the more humanist heroes as opposed to the gods of DC. The 90’s killed comics for me. But the cinematic tellings have been lots of fun.

I used to be a big DC fan but stopped reading after the major rounds of retcons in the mid-to-late 2000s.

I tried to get back in through the recent direct to video animated stuff but they’re too crass for my taste. DC trying to be edgy just doesn’t work for me.

Been re-reading some of my favorite manga though, really enjoying that!

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It’s not a manga! It’s a グラフィック小説!

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I stand corrected :rofl: