Hey, why is Tormented on TCM, and other riffed movies shown elsewhere.

Some of you may know that occasionally past MST targets have been shown unriffed in other shows or channels.
Turner Classic Movies has shown such “gems” as “Tormented”, “Brain That Wouldn’t Die” and “Miami Connection.”

Even Elvira has a connection with Cinematic Titanic. Three movies from there have been on her syndicated show like “Legacy of Blood”, “Doomsday Machine” and “Frankenstein’s House of Freaks”

Anyone seen past MST targets elsewhere?


There’s been a few that have popped up on Comet. I think Robot Holocaust was one of them.

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Turns out all those experiments were actual movies you could watch on your own.


I’d like to think that there’s a parallel universe where MST3K is on Turner Classic Movies, with the SOL gang riffing on the best of the best of the best of the TCM film library.

But yeah, TCM Underground is choice for finding stuff that ended MST3K.

I remember more than a few MST3K targets ending up on AMC before they shifted away from their old school classics-centric focus.

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I remember when AMC showed one of the Godzilla movies and I said, “Hey, one out of three ain’t bad, I guess.”


A lot fall under public domain. I have a bunch on YouTube.

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Mac And Me was on Showtime earlier this year. It even premiered there when it came out since it was the exclusive home for Orion.

We can thank Paul Rudd for keeping that one in the public consciousness.

I once picked up a cheap Danny Kaye DVD that had The Magic Sword as a bonus feature.

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