Holy crap, Kirk Thatcher!

I was totally awestruck when I saw the latest update and saw that Kirk Thatcher was now a writer on MST3K

And in case you don’t know (or think you don’t know) who Kirk Thatcher is, here’s a reminder:

Not only did he play the part, he also wrote and performed the song.

He’s also a creature creator who has worked on Star Trek, Star Wars, and the Muppets, as well as recreating his most famous role in Spider-Man, Homecoming.

I was totally gobsmacked to see him now writing for MST. We are in for some treats this season.


Kirk Thatcher has also done writing for a lot of Muppet movies (Yes that Kirk Thatcher and yes those Muppets)

He has a great quote along the line of: No matter what I do my tombstone will always read “Punk rocker on bus in Star Trek IV”


Do you know how to get a copy of that song?!?!?!? I’ve wanted one since I saw the movie!

There’s a recording here:

There’s also a couple of different versions, some with lyrics, on YouTube


I had a similar reaction (HOLY CRAP!) and I was actually writing in the same room. :laughing: I held it together though. There’s only been a couple people this season who I shared a writers room with that made me feel a little… well, “intimidated” is not exactly the word, because everyone is so great and friendly, but maybe a little boggled. One of the things I love about this job is discovering who else loves MST3K and wants to write for it.


I’m STILL gobsmacked after seeing Michael Sheen in the second MST3K Kickstarter telethon.


Honestly SO WAS I.