Host Intro Clip

Just an idea for Season 14. If you keep the opening largely the way it is in S13, one thing you might change is the screen showing the host for the current episode. Instead of a standard clip of the host, maybe excerpt a clip of them from one of the skits in the episode. For example, Emily’s “Your Host” intro clip in Beyond Atlantis could have been taken from EddieCon or the mother-crabber rap.

Sort of a balance to the stinger at the end of the episode, too.


I love the idea of mixing up the Your Host clip, but to do it with a bit of the upcoming episode does kind of tip upcoming jokes within the episode itself, however briefly. While I know that sometimes happens in the commercials, within the episode itself it does mean that it’s less “real” within its own universe if that makes any sense.

The clips in the opener teasing the movie itself are different because the Mads have already picked the movie and they’re not showing the cast riffing them, they’re showing the unshadowramed version.

Maybe that’s too nitpicky, but it makes sense in my head, at least!


I dunno, some bizarre and inscrutable 1.5 seconds from the show, focused on the host? Probably wouldn’t give away anything you could make sense of. It’s only a quarter of the screen, too, so it’s a short clip through a small window. I think It’d be fun.

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So like something at the start to convince you to keep watching a show you’re going to watch anyway?

I think the idea is that it’s fun, not persuasive.

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Where the heck do you draw that conclusion from? Really trying to shoehorn in a “dick take” on an idea that’s supposed to be simple fun.

EDIT: Throw another shrimp on the barbie blocklist…

It really is a thing TV shows did to grab you so you didn’t change the channel.

…I mean, isn’t that the point of having an intro sequence in the first place?

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