Host Segment Conversation

Across 12 seasons of MST and a movie, we saw countless conversations on Torgo, Arch Hall Jr, widower sitcom single parents, and pop culture covering the gamut of movie fashions and formula along with thoughts on society and where we are. Does a single conversation stick out? Which one?

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I think, of the segments, the ones that will always stick with me are the “Mike destroying planets” one. Three wonderful bits and a very versatile bit to use as joke fodder.


Eegah was awesome for those.

For one, it has the brilliant widower sitcom single parents host segment that was mentioned in the original post.

For another, it has a tremendously written host segment in the “insidious nature of Hell” conversation.

Another one that sticks out from a different episode is the discussion about death in Gunslinger. It just… works.