How about suggestions for the next Live Tour? Soon Please!

How about suggestions for the next Live Tour? I vote for 'The Giant Claw"

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

Be in a place that’s at least a bit accessible to the trans-atlantically challenged!


“Two words Joel. Rock Climbing”

Lol! Seriously though, the biggest issue would be jamming riffs between the dialog and the riffs that are already there. I think they mentioned something about this during a live presentation of Moon Zero Two a couple years back.

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Riff the host segments of the movie

Oooh, they could take a selection of host segments. I vote for the one where Tom leaves and starts crying!

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Well, I’ll keep suggesting ‘Slipstream’ as many chances as I get.

Kinda like the Russo-Finnish films, it’s very riffable but also likeable.

For a different take. IMO it would be cool if rather than a movie, there was a selection of 5-6 shorts out of a pool of 8-10 that just rotated show to show.

Make it a bit of a hybrid of MSTie Live and the old touring Spike and Mike animation festivals.

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That’s a neat idea. Shorts are always fun, and the ability to change it up might fix some of those, “I never want to see Making Contact again as long as I live” feelings.