'how did I miss that?' movie moments you may have missed

there are a few in ghostbusters.
Egon is the price maker. he does it once in the buying of the firehouse, and twice in the catching of slimer. he signs the pricing of the catch to venkman.

This scene is referenced in another shot, that is wider a few seconds later

and it’s hard to hear and see, cause her head is covered up by a scarf, but this is janine at the end saying ‘egon, you’re safe!’

Notice the crowd on the far right watching them film the scene. they are looking DIRECTLY at the camera :slight_smile:

and finally, for whatever reason, this extra on the left is seen in the movie no less than 4 times. it’s like he’s stalking them all through the picture. the second time is when they sell ray’s house for mortgage, and the third is at the end where the guy says ‘ghostbusters, all right!’
maybe related to the cast and crew?


This is a scene from The Labyrinth. David Bowie’s face appears briefly in the rock formations.