HOW do we not already have a dedicated Rebecca appreciation thread? Let's fix that RIGHT NOW.

You guessed it - Rebecca appreciation thread! This thread is for gushing about how much we all love Rebecca. :heart: Give it up for the beloved, utterly hysterical, and one of the Very Best People around, REBECCA! :tada: :confetti_ball:


I sang her praises for Synthia’s Selects, but I’ve still got more in me. She’s great as GPC, but Synthia steals the show. I’m so glad we get to see more of her in the Gizmoplex era, especially her scenes with Pearl and the way she awkwardly mimics Pearl’s movements and expressions. And the way she gets excited about odd little things. She’s like a cute little evil puppy.

Oh, it’s a minor thing, but her expression sometimes when she tells herself to flush them the movie, like she’s slightly confused and forgot that she’s Synthia or something. Hi-larious!


Can someone tell me how Rebecca Hanson is so funny? Did they sell their soul to a Space Warrior? Am I in a Hobgoblin fantasy?

Seriously though, the Synthia bits KILL ME every single time. Rebecca is perfect in these, just the right level of sniveling assistant + ditzy + “notice me senpai.” The hand motions during the Synthia sketches especially get me, they’re allllmost hand model-ish, but just… not. If anything, Synthia kind of overshadows GPC only because the Synthia character is so dang funny and delivered so perfectly. I would be down with more ads because it’ll mean more Synthia sketches, they’re THAT good - and that’s saying something because I loathe advertising.

Cheers to a lot more Synthia shennanigans this season - and in future seasons! :heart: Synthia Hanson RULES!


I didn’t get to see her live, but by all accounts she killed it, and I love her as Synthia. She’s just so darn cute, and plays so well off of Mary Jo!


I said in the Hobgoblins open thread, but I’ll say it again. I love Synthia’s hand gestures in her scenes with Pearl. Subtle, but brilliantly funny.


I think her GPC is just fine, but Synthia has grown on me so much. When we first met her I had a lot of trouble telling her from Mary Jo… not just looks-wise (an enviable predicament for them both), but in mannerism and voice. Her Pearl impression is simply top-notch. I found the Synthia Selects openings to be a little much… until like five seconds into Rebecca’s performance. She is really an unsung hero, and a treat to watch. I assume she does some of the writing too (don’t they all?), and I wonder if the riffs she writes are similarly Mary-Jo esque (i.e., brilliant).

In short: we are so glad to have you here Rebecca, and we look forward to seeing more of your talent!


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Not to take away from praising Rebecca, but if anyone wants to talk about the host segments and extra content in Synthia’s Selects specifically, we’ve got a thread for that.


Rebecca is great, I took a shine to her right away as Synthia. As great as she is with GPC, she is really hilarious in front of the camera. Does she have previous stand-up or other professional comedy experience? Whatever her background, she’s a natural and a great all-arounder who seems to be able to take on any kind of role. Lucky to have her!


Not taking away at all! This is a general “woo woo love Rebecca” thread since we’ve got a few going for other lovely folks. Don’t want anyone feeling like a lack of a thread means we love em any less! :heart:


Firstly, Pearl and Synthia are another winning MST3K comedy team - as Mary Jo and Rebecca share an easy rapport and play off one another beautifully.

Secondly, I like how Rebecca has developed Synth over the years. I thought her earlier ‘slow witted’ version was a crack up, but then after, she gets a little smarter and becomes more involved, to the point where we see her now - not just Kinga’s minion or Pearl’s hilarious sidekick, but as the host her own little corner of MST, with the selects… and damn, those bits are funny.

@SandyFrank said it well, “as great as she is with GPC, she is really hilarious in front of the camera”

A well-deserved appreciation thread, take a bow Rebecca.


she always is so chillaxed; and seems super serious about being nice.
only knowing what i do through glimpses gained from watch-a-longs, social media posts, and post-screening interviews there is a kind & compassionate serenity that somehow seems to radiate through her performances.


As others have said: She’s great as GPC (In her debut: She delivers one of the best riffs in Reptilicus: “Now you’re Mr. Filing Cabinet!”) and she does truly shine as Synthia!

Her and Mary Jo have fantastic chemistry together and Synthia Selects are very well done!


I dig Rebecca Hanson’s work as GPC (her time travel safety host segment for The Time Travelers is especially aces), but I especially love what she’s done as Synthia. When I was watching Season 11, one of my hopes for the future was that they would try to craft a Mads triumvirate dynamic, kinda like what you saw with Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy.

And we got something like that in Season 12! I enjoyed seeing her more and loved seeing her expand the dimensions of that character.

Suffice it to say that she’s doing God’s work with the Synthia’s Selects segments and anything where she gets to interact with Mary Jo Pehl.


It was in one if the tributes this week, but there was a Pearl and Synthia bit and I was losing it as Rebecca was mimicking MJP’s hand movements a beat late and very clumsily. She was trying to make it seem like they were in synch but they were clearly not.


There’s a scene in the Netflix seasons when she broke character – I can’t recall which episode, but she breaks from being a mindless clone and says something like “yeah, totally” before looking chagrined and walking off – and it was just sublime. Such a short bit, but so perfect. mwah


I believe that was Cry Wilderness, unless I’m mistaken.


Correct. And also…


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