How do you express unhappiness and still be supportive with the season 14 campaign?

Long time fan, participated in previous Kickstarters, and loved all the revival seasons.

Until season 13. I just really did not enjoy it. I thought the writing was poor, I didn’t laugh much, and I still haven’t finished watching the season. So not a big win for me.

I’m not writing to get into a “I loved it!”, “But I didn’t!”. Everybody has their own taste, and if you liked it, more power to you! I didn’t. And now I’m being asked to contribute to the season 14 campaign. Which I will, because a) it feels like supporting friends and b) everybody takes a swing and a miss sometime.

What I’m wondering is, how do I meaningfully say I didn’t like season 13 while still supporting the show? It feels like the only feedback mechanism I have is to not support or reduce my support of the new campaign, which I’m not looking to do. But it’s aggravating to think about making a financial commitment because it feels like I’m saying everything’s great when I don’t think it is.

I may be a lone voice, or there may be a number of people like me. How should people express that feedback without a) creating flame wars in the forums and b) still contribute financially to the show?


Behave as you have been. Be thoughtful, polite, and ask questions as you have. Articulate your beliefs, stand true to you, and give if you wish or wait till your mind decides. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Season 13. I had the same problem with The Gauntlet. I stayed by MST given the past and eventually loved Season 13 and 12 grew on me. Only if you wish to but if you still want to give back one more time and see where it takes you. Once again, that’s entirely your choice. You and only you.


Support and criticism aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive concepts, nor do they exactly walk hand-in-hand in the case of financial support. I supported the original Kickstarter knowing there was a chance I wasn’t going to enjoy the new season, and I was okay with that. I just wanted to see them take the swing. I enjoyed the season they made, but if they were to ask me what could be stepped up, I would have told them. Same with seasons 12 and 13.

The financial support should be a question of how much you want to see them step up to the plate again, while giving constructive feedback however possible. Unfortunately there is no way to do the latter through the former, unless you just feel like it’s time to move on and keep your pledge.


If I thought the product was inferior in substance vs. schematic, I simply wouldn’t pay for it - if there was a track record of poor quality. If, however, as you say S13 is the first time you’ve had an issue with the revival, then I guess it’s down to the long view and your own counsel. Nobody can tell you what to do with your money, and nobody is stopping you from critiquing the season in the meantime or voicing your issues with it, which could allow for some sort of resolution. At least you’re watching it in order to critically engage.


Maybe finish watching the season before you decide? :thinking:


i think you’re doing exactly what you should be - making your voice heard in the forum. the powers that be do interact here so it’s likely they will see your feedback, especially if you tag them. there’s a whole other post on suggested improvements for the next season (link below). maybe be a bit more specific in your feedback though - what does make you laugh that you’d like to see more of?

personally i enjoyed season 13 but it took the netflix seasons a minute to grow on me. and judging from the comments on the youtube announcement i don’t think you’re the only person who wasn’t a fan.


Comedy hits people differently. Maybe Season 13 just didn’t hit your cords. Or maybe MST3K is evolving in a direction you don’t enjoy. It happens.

If you’re not ready to give up the financial support, then the only way to express unhappiness is doing what you’re doing now.

However, just saying you didn’t like it doesn’t give anyone involved with the show anything to work with in how to improve it. So if you can express what aspects you didn’t like and why, or what you’d rather see, (no, it’s not always easy to articulate that) it could provide them with feedback they can keep in mind when writing future episodes.


You don’t have to donate but you can express the things you don’t like as constructive criticism and wish them luck. While I love the new seasons I can see where you’re coming from. Just don’t act like the YouTube community


I would watch the complete S13, and then formulate an opinion. I would try and watch some of the livestream events and see how the crews work together. There’s a lot of good chemistry there. And if you’re still not onboard, maybe you just enjoy the classics and don’t contribute to the new seasons… but if you love MST like a lot of us do, and want to see it succeed and continue, I would try to stay open minded and look for ways to WANT to get into the new stuff. Otherwise, if you have issues that are specific- I’d be glad to hear them, as long as it’s not “I miss when…” (insert past cast member here)


No advice here, just want to say I admire the way you clearly put care and thought into expressing your feelings here, with respect for differing opinions.


If you feel like maybe the show has diverged from what you enjoy (which is a perfectly fine thing to feel), but you’re not ready to completely cut the apron strings yet there is always those $5 and/or $15 pledges that kick in a little but don’t “get” you anything.


And there seem to be a lot of “mini” donations, when I have time to watch them roll in. It adds up.


You could also pledge for “stuff” outside the new episodes. Because then you’re not getting episodes you may or may not watch. But that could also feel like “supporting” episodes you’re not fond of. So maybe just buying classic episodes via gizmoplex, and sharing links and articles on social media can help while not financially contributing. Because we all want to see MST succeed, even if we have reservations about some of the content.

sorry if my replies all seem to ramble a bit, I’m not entirely sure there IS a surefire solution to your situation. But I wish you luck, and hope you can find a way through to joining us on the Season 14 party bus (actual party bus not included)


I agree with you. But i like to think of it this way: we are supporting Joel in his dream, whatever that may be. Differences make MST3K go round! We love you Joel.


God I love this community and the way everybody reacts and treats each other. It warms my heart to see so many thoughtful and caring comments to this. Bravo everybody.


Just from reading the FAQ I get the impression they’re taking feedback from the previous season onboard.

It’s the nature of productions big and small that it’s not a very nimble ship to turn. By the time the first episode (of season 13) was broadcast it was probably already too late to change much of anything for later episodes in the season. They could’ve even been filmed out of order, etc.


I loved seasons 11, 12 and 13; I am eagerly supporting season 14.

That said, I understand people’s concerns over the revival. I remember when the revival episodes started, some were not happy with the end result. A common criticism of the newer episodes is that the writers are trying too hard by cramming in as many jokes and pop culture references as possible.


As others have mentioned, this is an Official forum! If you’d like, pull your thoughts together and have at it. Continue to be constructive with your feedback, and people will listen.

(Try some of the shorts if you haven’t; I’d be curious to see if you have the same - or different! - problems with those.)


I started a whole thread of “suggestions for S-14”, because while I think we’re all thrilled that S-14 is coming along, that DOESN’T imply that S-13 was some sort of paragon of perfection. While there are certainly some people in the thread who feel S-13 was perfect in every way and they wouldn’t change a thing, there are plenty of areas where other people feel things could be improved and made better. Because ultimately I don’t think anything is “perfect” (except maybe Professor Tolkien’s LotR books) and there’s always room for improvement. And I think artists should always be self-reflective and striving to be better.

So there’s nothing wrong with being unsatisfied, and even a little critical as long as its CONSTRUCTIVE. What wouldn’t be constructive would be to just lay in with generic “I hated it … it sucked … nothing was good … wish they’d quit … etc”. But that’s not what you’re doing so I think you’re good.

For the record, I think S-13 was average. I don’t think it was awful, while at the same time it didn’t quite hit the same sort of acme that we got in seasons 3-5. But ‘average’ MST is still orders of magnitude better than 99% of what passes for “entertainment content” these days, so I’ll gladly take it.

But that said, I also saw areas for improvement. Some of them are being addressed (physical sets!). I hope others will as well. For example … I think its time to bring back the lollypop puppets. The new puppets are lethargic, slow, off-sync, and nowhere near as snappy and convincing as the past ones. I get why they tried, but its not working and a good show takes a self-critical look at what works and what doesn’t and isn’t afraid to say, “Yeah, this idea isn’t cutting it.”. Similarly, they shrank the silhouettes TOO much and need to bring them back toward the bigger side so they aren’t so invisible. And to your point, the host segment story arc writing isn’t landing for me either. I know some people like it, but I consider it the weakest part of the whole season.


There are those that can’t put their finger on why. The jokes aren’t the same essentially. There was a 19 year gap in episodes and that is the likeliest reason. The changing tastes and culture in that time exploding open in those new shows. For some it was too extreme and still is. The world moved on and the new seasons reflect that.