How does Gizmoplex access work for gift subscriptions?

Apologies if I’ve missed this… I got my dad a gift subscription but it’s registered to a secondary email for myself since all they had at the holidays was the cool gift subscription print out. Do I just need to forward the email to him? Maybe this is really obvious, but I also don’t want to mess us the gift. Thank you for the help!


I, too, am curious. My Kickstarter contribution gave me a 3 month pass, but I subsequently bought a 12 month pass. I figured I can gift my 3 month pass to a friend, but it’s asking for my card information and has a $10,000 price attached. Just curious about what I need to do.

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Same boat, I bought a gift sub for my mother, and would like to know if I forward the link on the Backerkit site, or do I redeem that myself then get another link to forward to her?

I don’t believe the gift passes work yet. Us backers will watch the premieres of the first 3 experiments, and THEN the Gizmoplex will open to the public, and PUBLIC premieres of the first 3 will be held, and we can then use our gift passes.
(That’s also the reason the prices are so high without our 100 percent off discount.its so nobody outside of backers tries to buy them yet.

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Ahhh ok. I feel bad for my mom then!

Write her fast!
As I understand it the public premieres will all be in the same month, so if she uses the pass on the first month? Three episodes.

From Ivan himself.

Here is your answer: "How do I gift a Gizmoplex code to someone else?"

" VHX – the platform powering the website – doesn’t currently allow you to use their “Gifting” feature to send a pre-ordered Gizmoplex Reward to someone else.

If you purchased a Gizmoplex Reward code that was meant as a gift for someone else, please send them the unique gift link, and let them know they can find instructions to activate their gift at:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are gifting someone the 1-MONTH GIZMOPLEX GIFT PASS, it will only grant access to one month of content, no matter when it is redeemed (e.g. redeeming it in December won’t give you access to all of the events and episodes from March to December).

Read more details about the 1-MONTH GIFT PASS here."


Thank you very much! I was able to get my friend set up in no time.

Signal boost.

Circling back a bit late to say thank you! I got it to work. Appreciate the help!

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