How Kinga Forrester's Mom Could Be Kim Cattral (But Probably Not)

Remember Clonus, the Parts Horror, where Peter Graves’ character told his brother he has a clone thanks to a cell that was taken from a health checkup 30 years ago?

What if a cell from Kim somehow led to the creation of Kinga?

Serves her right, since she might be challenged by the clones, Synthia and Mega-Synthia.
Age-wise, it would also be possible Kim COULD be Kinga’s mom. Their ages check out.
Of course they’d never try this. It’s bad enough Clonus was “accidently” remade.


Well, Kim Catrall was briefly married to Lo Pan. Considering his profound level of evil, and his fondness for hairpins, Kinga certainly could have come from that union. Then she was adopted as a Forrester when Jack Burton left her fatherless. Or, you know, Kim just never told Clay about that fling.


My theory is Kinga was left at the Mads’ day care service and never picked up. So they raised her as their own. Wolves do this all the time.