How many of you want to see Manos 2?


Yes please!


I put it on my list of movies to watch the moment I saw it was a thing.

Has anyone seen it? If so, what are your thoughts?


Yes. I just looked on Amazon and there are used blu-rays of the original Manos, but I can’t find the sequel anywhere.

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…also, no?

Conflicted. Frightened. Curious. :exploding_head:


Manos Returns is on Tubi, along with the unriffed Manos, plus Rifftrax and Rifftrax LIVE of Manos.


I think it hit the spot it needed to pretty well. It was a little heavier on the femmesploitation (women in their bras). But it had to thread the needle of being terrible without seeming like it was really trying to be terrible; a self-conscious Manos would really ring hollow. I felt they did a good job making an authentically terrible sequel.


As it already exists I would watch it but if this was before it was made then it would be a hard “no”.

I don’t think every film needs a sequel and deities protect us from prequels and spin-offs.


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There’s also a third.

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I didn’t even realize this was a thing.

Straight onto the watchlist you go.

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Maybe Neyman is secretly ramping up for a twilight career as a Manos George Lucas or Albert R. Broccoli.

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My god above !!! As if the abuse inflicted upon us by the first version is insufficient there is actually a sequel? I mean the first version moved Frank enough to apologize for the inflicting such pain on the viewers of this waste of cinematography I’m not sure what could be done to alleviate the pain and misery this might cause the viewers…

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I feel I have to watch it