How MST started & now

For Joel: How did MAT3K come to be in the KTMA days and did you think you would be here premiering new episodes almost 35 years later?

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Mystery Anime Theater has origins in the Otakon anime convention, depending on which Mystery Anime Theater you’re talking about.

Not to hijack the thread over a typo but is there any group riffing anime and are respectful of the culture it’s part of, like Mangasplaining is for manga?

Warning: the current podcast at that link has the team talking about Dick Fight Island. NSFW and you will not be able to unsee the panels.

I think all of the anime riffing folks I’ve encountered are anime fans, as opposed to anime hatemongers. Anime fans like Japan and do not wish for the destruction of all of it’s culture, I find. Nobody wishes they were blowing Prince Fumihito island and then going on to bomb Okinawatario. That is not, it appears, to be their favorite scenario. Neither, as it seems, do they wonder how Japan gets off sharing a border with no countries at all. Nor are calling them lousy, stinkin’, Nihonophonic, ramen loving – well you get the idea. If they do hate Japan, they sure aren’t doing so overtly and have disguised their hate.