How much money does Vimeo get?

I’m just curious what Vimeo gets from sales of MSt3k episodes. I googled but didn’t find anything except that Vimeo is an “open” platform (not sure what “open” means in this context) but they must be making money somehow.

They’re hosting the episodes and providing the bandwith at least, and they may be managing some or all of the membership aspects. I expect they’re getting a substantial payment.


They get paid to help create the app and to host it. In KS Update #5, Joel estimated that it would cost about $50,000 a year in order to help maintain the app year to year. Anything else financially with Vimeo OTT, Alternaversal has not made public specifically, but Vimeo OTT has published their general fee schedule on their Zendesk website. For SVOD, it’s $1 per sub per month (or $12 for an annual subscription) + merchant fees 2.5% + 30¢ (likely to make up for the cost of admin and cc fees) and the cut for rental/sales is 10% + 50¢ / transaction. So the split there is pretty reasonable, especially compared to, say, Apple’s split for in-app purchases via the iOS platform.

Hope that helps.


So if you have one subscriber watching your streamable content, Vimeo charges you $1.325 a month. Pretty reasonable. You could upload you entire DVD library, make yourself the only subscriber, and stream your whole collection anywhere you want for cheap. Sneaky sneaky.

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Vimeo is one of the more expensive hosts for videos. The upside is their downtime is basically zero. They get paid for total bandwidth and total file size. They don’t get a cut of sales or rentals, at least in contracts I’ve seen.

Even if you keep your channel hidden people or bots will find it. I was managing a Ruko channel that used Vimeo for a host, it was hidden for the first couple of months and we had over 100 subscribers and 5k+ views somehow.
It ended up costing a lot more than $1.325 a month.

Just use a PLEX. In the end, it’s way easier.


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Echoing in kind. Plex accounts are free (Plex Pass does unlock some cool things but if the plan was to stream your own content and nothing else then the added cost makes no sense) and, end of the day, your server and media remain yours.