Seeing the Q and A reminded me of something I wanted to ask.

How did the Time Bubble Tour do financially?

I was really worried that sending the Emily cast on tour by themselves BEFORE they had filmed episodes that fans could see might really hurt ticket sales because they were ‘unknowns’. Seeing the size of the crowd and reaction to their DC show was really encouraging and showed that my concern was unjustified… but I am wondering we there was ever a final ‘this is how we did overall’ meeting and would the MST3K team mind sharing it with us?

bonus question: Are we gonna get move live shows/tour in 2023 or does that depend on how the gizmoplex does?

edit: Even a simple official answer of ‘yes it was profitable overall’ would be cool to hear.


I certainly hope so! I LOVE the Live Tours!

Also I went to the Houston show and it looked pretty packed to me!


For the unforseen 5th live tour, it would be great for Waverly and Growler to show up. And if I save enough for a VIP meet and greet package, I will scream.


If there is another tour, I just hope they come to my neck of the woods. I still have not seen a decent reason why Vancouver was cancelled during the Watch for Snakes tour, but I hold out hope we will get our performance one day…

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I was at the DC Show, too. :relaxed:
The Warner Theatre was beautiful.

I really do wish there was a way for people to enjoy these shows without having to be there in person. Making Contact is one of the best “episodes” they’ve ever done, imo.


I was sad that the Time Bubble Tour didn’t make it down here to nwfl… (but, given the circumstances understood completely)

There were a few outdoor venues that may have been usable/doable? Even when C19 was at its worst? (No, even MST3K would have gotten me into a theater… still haven’t gone back to movie theaters yet…)

Hopefully, whenever they do make it back this way, there’s a backstage/Meet&Greet/VIP ticket option…

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I was very lucky to see this tour in Cleveland. I was literally in tears from laughing. The Carol of The Phones was especially exceptional. And there was also that song about “stuff” right before intermission.
And speaking of 'stuff; the 1988 - 2022 T-shirt is in top rotation and fills my friends with great envy.
I wish there was a way to ‘rewatch’ it and share it with my friends.


I think they made about a dollar, this is because I remember Joel being able to add two shots of vanilla to his latte. But really not much since.

Cleveland show was great


The Time Bubble Tour wasn’t successful at all and MST is cancelled again, all remaining episodes will lay unfinished.

Jonah watched Munchie for nothing.

the Circus show in Niceville was a treat for my capital city self.


It was so well done! (Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines)


The goldfish bowl scene was even more WTF than Beyond Atlantis tossing the lamb to the cannibal fish.


I’ll never forget Tom Servo looking straight at us and said “We all saw that, right?”.


I’m sad I couldn’t turn out for the tour. Fear of Covid + having more than one chronic illness = me being skittish to this day about going out.

I was able to see the earlier tour about a month before the lockdown began. So that was a piece of luck for me. :tada:


It was probably tough to mount a show with Omicron running wild, plus they weren’t helped by weather issues (Sorry Boise) but they kept Tim around, so it couldn’t have been that bad.


:notes: “That ain’t workin’… that’s the way ya’ do it…” :notes:


I was really encouraged by the turnout considering all the factors against it… It would be great if all the shows were as well attended.

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All I’m hoping for another live show would be “Please come back to Memphis or New Orleans. I will buy the entire cast drinks if they come down”

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Yeah, the Time Bubble Tour landed literally in my backyard, but it was during the Delta surge and the venue required nothing for attendance (only ‘recommended’ masks). I just couldn’t risk it, and it killed me every time I drove by and saw the ads outside the theater. ARGH!

Here’s to hope next time around they come back and I’ll be feeling better about theater situations.