How the heck are people getting codes?

Honestly I am feeling old. I did the 12 month pass back in November and I see there are rewards and such but I have no idea how any of this works. Help an old lady out here!

The only rewards that’ve come out thus far are the digital downloads and the holiday cards. If you got the digital downloads, you should have received a code in your email to visit a site where you can download the episodes in question. The holiday card should’ve arrived via snail mail within the past four weeks or so. It all depends on your pledge level as to which rewards you get; may I ask what you pledged so I could determine if you were due either of those rewards?

Also, did you fill out your survey on Backerkit so they could confirm your pledge and everything?

Also, just to clarify, the download codes for old episodes all currently go through a website called VHX. Once the Gizmoplex launches, you will be able to access any of those rewards directly through the Gizmoplex.

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If you’re looking for your digital download codes go here

Enter your Kickstarter email address and you’ll get a Link to your survey in an email, follow the link to your survey and you can find your digital downloads