How to be Another Mug in a (Red/Blue/Yellow/Purple) Jumpsuit

I’ve seen a lot of host cosplays over the years, and it seems like the usual pattern is to get an off-the-rack jumpsuit and apply patches. So I was wondering what rack all these wonderful jump suits are off of. I was going to purchase one from a company called mysweetjumpsuits (they even had Jonah and Joel SKUs), but they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.

So spill it! Where did those of you who cosplayed as hosts get your jumpsuits? Did you have better luck buying them in the right color, or buying white ones and dyeing them?

For context, I really want to cosplay as Jonah (so I won’t have to shave), but I may be able to rope three members of my family into do a group cosplay as all four hosts.


Also- for those casual/live tour/Kickstarter cosplayers- where did you get a copycat cast member jacket???


Most of the jumpsuits are just off-the-rack coveralls. I purchased a red one from Walmart - but being a pretty curvy, not-too-tall woman, I couldn’t find one that fit me, so I ended up buying a different style from Amazon and using a tacky glue to attach the patches (and used a luggage strap for the belt)

If you’re a guy, it shouldn’t be too hard to source a jumpsuit, although finding a yellow one might be a problem.


I’m trying to get a red Chicago Protective Apparel Cotton Coverall in size MEDIUM….

Because it looks the closest to Joel’s out of everything that I see online?

An order I had was on a forever back order… canceled.

Will probably break down and order directly from Chicago Protective Apparel because the company I have a decent credit on can’t seem to get any size Medium…

It’s been a long time…


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I would love to know where you guys get the jumpsuits and jackets too, especially ones that fit plus sized people! I would love to be Jonah for halloween!


Emily’s grey jumpsuit from the live tour and Kickstarter videos is an off-the-rack Red Kap coverall. You can buy one here (as I just did):

Zip-Front Cotton Coverall | Red Kap®

Joel’s new jumpsuit for the Live show, also appears to be a Red Kap, which you can get red, but I suspect his has been dyed to make it a darker Maroon color.


I believe this is either the same nylon belt that Jonah wears… or at least close enough that it’s what I’ve bought. (Jonah’s appears to be missing the plastic loop part, so they either cut it off or it’s just a similar style quick release belt)

I also purchased an embroidered Name Tag that seems to be similar to the ones they wear, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so I don’t know how close it really is.

The gizmonics patch is one you can order from numerous sellers on eBay, but it looks like there are some slight size variations between them. I’ll have to wait until I get mine to see whether I choose the right fit for my jumpsuit.


My problem with the off-the-rack jumpsuit was that when I went up a size, it suddenly got a lot longer (as though being big is the same thing as being tall)

I would have had to alter the entire thing, including shortening the zipper, and although I COULD have, I didn’t want to.


I have a feeling Joel had the same issue in the earlier seasons, in a lot of episodes you’ll see he had them cut into shorts


The title of this topic makes me think of beach party movies.

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The look on Joel’s face in that pic is gold


Following up on this thread -

I ended up getting a red 38” Red Kap jumpsuit here in time to cut and hem the legs, just rolled the arms/cuffs to hand out the full-size “ram chips” , but plan to figure out how to shorten them as well.

Also had just enough time to add the Gizmonics logo patch.


If it had just been the arms and legs, I’d have hemmed them, but it was the torso that got longer. The crotch was hanging halfway down to my knees.


Are you going to insist that the Joel friend have short pantsed jumpsuit?


I bought my red Kap jumpsuit on Amazon. Works pretty well but I did have to add some beltloops for the belt. The tour style jacket, I bought on Amazon, is a Ivnfout Men’s Casual Winter Military Jacket. Those have to be custom dyed to be like the tour jackets but I bought a green one and made it a varation of Joel’s since he has worn green in the past. I also bought a black one to make a Mads version.


Need to post a photo of me actually wearing the jumpsuit, but I ran out of time (and Testors Red Flake Enamel) for completing my Tom Servo, so I’m going to have to wait until next Halloween or an appropriate sci-fi convention to put it to use.


I’m a fan of the green. No one ever does the green or the teal



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There’s an Army Surplus store near my realm, which sells a number of different colored flight suits! Those make excellent jumpsuits for MST3K cosplay, and also for Ghostbusters uniforms (if you are into that sort of thing)!

They didn’t have a red one, alas. But they did have a nice dark brown, several khakis, blues, and a dirty orange one that I used for mine…


Try going to a professional tailor. Some laundromats here offer alterations, but they are only good for hemming. A place that sells custom fitted suits might be a good bet or could recommend someone. I’ve had a similar experience with a pair of jeans. It’s very awkward.
If you can’t find a good tailor I suggest finding videos on YouTube on how to alter clothing. Craft stores sell zippers in multiple sizes. You should be able to sew close the gap at the bottom. If you aren’t able to find a zipper you like, you can stich an ending point going across. Then sew the remaining flap closed. I have a feeling the bottom of the zipper curls outward making a tent. You’ll have to take in the fabric in that area to get rid of it. A matching thread should keep anything from being noticeable. Good luck :+1: