How to contact a forum admin?

Howdy all! Someone had wondered how to change their username (Change username? - #2 by McCloud) and the reply suggested contacting an admin to see if it can be done. Does anyone know how to contact an admin?

When I got the email about the forums I signed up so fast I didn’t even think about a clever username but now I kind of wish I had something less boring…

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You can flag a post with the “something else” category and leave a note, although I don’t know if that has a negative impact on the flagged user. Becoming a “Regular” user, for instance, does not happen with lots of flags on you.

Usually if I see something I send a message to Lesley or Ivan. Or if they are needed in a more direct way, like to answer a question in a thread, I invoke their usernames. You can get anyone’s attention by dropping @<username> into a post. To get me you just shout @NotTVsFrank into the void and I will hear. This works for our dear admins as well, and they are very helpful and responsive.


If you go to the about link it lists the Admins.

Just click on the profile/picture for one of them and it gives you an option to message that person.


So is @spookysquirrel a test user, or a bot, or what? They are technically an admin, but appear to have no history or accrued activity.

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Message me! I can change it for you.


Unfortunately, Kronk hasn’t been around to translate his squeaks into text.


Wonderful, thank you so much! And thanks to everyone on this thread for their help and info.

That might be one of the best references I’ve seen in a while. Thank you for Kronk!

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Delighted to report that @Lesley was able to grant my new username and now I have a new avatar to match!

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