How to get rid of announcements of earned badges

A while back the forum decided to put announcements of some badges at the top of my notifications. It takes up space and is annoying and on mobile, it prevents me from seeing actual notifications.
Can we get rid of these?


This is something with Discourse and not anything we have control over. It thinks it’s helping.

I guess this is the wrong time to say that my chronic insecurities demand more badge announcements, not less. :confused:

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Are you trying to say that you don’t need no stinkin’ badges?


On web you can, at least, filter the notifications by clicking the buttons to the right of the list. (Unfiltered, then filtered to replies only by clicking the curved arrow)

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Except you have to filter it EVERY TIME. So it is a waste.
Why do I need to be told every day about a badge I earned more than 2 years ago?

Doesn’t it go away if you click on it?

It should go away if you click on it, or if you click on the “Dismiss” at the bottom of the notification popup.

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Yes, for that time. The next time I click on my icon it is back to showing badges first.
Can I delete badges?

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That’s very odd and not Discourse-like behavior. Once you view or dismiss a notification, it should go away. Are you only viewing on mobile or do you see it in a browser too?

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If just clicking on it from the list doesn’t work, try going this route:


(Working from my browser, so the mobile layout will be different. Should be the same functionality, though.)

I actually usually access it on a desktop.

Clicking dismiss all worked. Still, it seems weird to get a notification of something stuck at the top of the list for something that happened more than 2 years ago and I have had dozens and dozens of notifications since then.

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It is definitely odd. I’ve never seen the behavior you’re describing and so far a search of Discourse user/developer forums isn’t pulling up anything similar. I’ll keep digging, but at least Dismiss All helped for now.

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Was it a badge that can be earned multiple times (e.g. Nice Reply)? If so, you’ll get that notification each time it is earned.

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It was like 10 or 12 notifications. Some of them were for the same badge more than once.

Yes, some badges can be earnt multiple times (Nice Reply for example)

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