How to watch the new season

I have been off the site for a long time due to life getting in the way and I have not been keeping up with the new season at all. I like to binge so I waited for the whole season to be done, I didn’t want to watch episodes that were not complete and by the time I came back to the Gizmoplex the season was complete!

I have noticed all the shorts are first then the episodes and I don’t know if there is a running story throughout like in the Netflix seasons so my question is is there an order or do I just watch whatever? I know as a backer I’m very lax. I regularly watch old episodes and just forgot to keep an eye on the season.

Also have I missed the deadline for the T-shirts and other goodies?



Hello, Oak!

There is a story arc this season so you might want to watch the full episodes in order, at least the first time through. After that they work great as standalones. The shorts were all released separately so you can feel free to watch those in whatever order you want without missing anything.

In regards to the Kickstarter rewards, the digital ones have gone out while the physical ones are still in the works. Here is all the info on that.


Thanks so much! I will try to get the digital later. I was worried about the shorts tying in with full episodes so thank you for clearing it up.


Oh man, you get to experience season 13 for the first time? I’ve found it to be very rewatchable, but I wish I could watch it for the first time, again.

You’re in for a treat! If you want to discuss them, there are threads for each episode.


It would be nice to see a season 13 DVD/Blu-Ray set from Shout Factory (a la the season 11/12 sets), but that kinda defeats the purpose of the gimmick of the season’s primary location being a big streaming complex.


I’m sure they’ll do an obviously bad overdub and replace every instance of “Gizmoplex” with “DVD and/or Blu-ray player” when that happens.


As for how else you can watch it, it’s available on PlutoTV! It’s entering the Twitch channel too.