How will we find each other?

A few minutes ago the forum wouldn’t load for me and I PANICKED. What if it went down one day and never came back? Who could fix it? Would I ever read you again?!

So I wondered if people had ideas on how we’d re-find each other if the forum ever goes dark. One idea I had was a poll to pick a specific social media site, then an agreed-upon hashtag or phrase to use to find each other there. This would be deployed if the forum goes belly-up, like setting up an emergency family meeting place for natural disasters. (Note: I am not predicting the site will fail, but I live in fire and earthquake country and it’s smart to plan when there isn’t a disaster looming.)

What do you think, sirs of all genders?


You can find me on the RiffTrax forum :grin:
I’ve got my YouTube channel RVR2 :sunglasses:
I’m on the Bookface but don’t use it much


YES OMG I love this. I’m not super engaged with the socials in general, but I’ll come looking for this crowd.


I’m only on bsky but I use a different username there so people probably won’t know it’s me (unless they know what all my dogs look like)


Go past the shop with the figure of the mole person in the window, three doors down is a toy store. Go inside and tell them you’re looking for Sylvia. You’ll be given a letter with a map inside. Follow it, then ask the man in the blue hat for fork handles. He’ll do the rest.


I also don’t have much of a social media presence (I have a FB and Twitter account, but they are very lightly used), but I would for sure renew my interest in them in order to stay in contact with everyone here.

Great insurance idea!


I’d suggest one of the MST full-time streaming channels, say, YouTube. You can create a throwaway account if you don’t already have one.

Then, once contact is made, further plans could be developed.


That’s not a bad idea! I mean I would vote for Bluesky since it’s the only social media I use, but I can see the merit there. Maybe a Primary and a Backup in case, like, the MST3K YouTube channel goes off the air…

What’s a good tag we can use to find each other? I suggest:


ETA: Are there DMs on YouTube? I wonder if we should pick something with DMs.


My thought with YouTube is that it’s an always open channel, and you don’t need to ‘know’ anyone to just post ‘where are the forum refugees?’.

Edit to add that you’d need to create an account to leave a comment. But you wouldn’t need a preexisting account.


Decided to go ahead and start a Bluesky account. Looks like a pretty cool place to hangout.

ETA: Handle is, of course: ArtCrow


I guess I won’t be found, since I care not for The Bird, The Zuck, or The Sky.


Your hearts will go on, I’m sure.


Okay but one of the cardinal rules for leading a good life is “Never read the YouTube comments”. Having a specific tag:

(a) is at least a semi-reliable indicator you came from here
(b) gives me a specific string I can search on, rather than trying to guess every variation of a random question

So, I think it has advantages! Though of course, just winging it is a good fallback.


Noooooooo! I don’t use FB or Twitter either anymore. But anyone with a Gmail account (or willing to set up a burner) could post to YT. But then we’d need to know which video to post to since you can’t just comment on the channel page. Perhaps the ForeverAThon? Assuming it stays up??


I’m still on LeTube, at least for now. By this KITTY avi shall ye know me…

So long as adblocker still functions.

…and then promptly regret it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Life is all about choices.


Oh, yah, that’s exact what I was thinking, but looking back,I see I was’nt at all clear.

One of the forever MST streams, YouTube or twitch, doesn’t matter to me, because I’d need to make an account anyway.


I unfortunately do not do most of the social media. I’m not exactly sure how I’d try to stay in touch with the rest of y’all.


Obviously what we need here is a 100-person group text LOL

Since I don’t expect the forum to go anywhere soon, it may not be an issue. But if the forum blinked out tomorrow, I’d try posting something on the MST3K Forever stream on YT. And I at least will be using the tag MST3KForumReunion :slight_smile:

But I’d like to get more eyes on this topic too, in case there are better solutions and also so all us regulars* have some idea where to look.

* I’m using the term unofficially, I don’t just mean people with the badge.


We’ll get old VHS camcorders to record our thoughts, and circulate the tapes.


Look, we all know where @Armetus and @ambiguous25 live. If the forum goes away, we all just need to go to Joliet and meet up there.


I do Facebook and Lemmy and I’m willing to do BlueSky or Instagram, or even Mastidon. But I won’t do Twitter, Reddit or comment on YouTube.

I kind of wish someone web savvy would be able to have a backup forum on standby.