Howdy - old person here :)

brand new user. Been on the internet since the Days of Prodigy Service (BJMC01B)!. Sadly got into the show a little late, as I discovered it during the mike era, so kevin, Mike and bill are mostly my mst3k cast, along with mary joe. it pains me to admit it, but it took a while to get used to joel and later the original servo, elvis…but now of course, I love and appreciate 'em.

glad it is back with the original team, more or less. there where just a few things I think could have been better in seaon 11, but all in all, glad I backed it and look forward to season 13.

I’m not as big on message boards as I used to be these days. I am not woke, or progressive, so I tend to be on the out crowd for most of the sites around these days. so I will browse for a while and see how things are…and hopefully it is good enough to stick around :slight_smile:

I am, however, respectfull and thought full, and have a super sarcastic sense of humor…also self deprecating…many thanks to mst3k for that. so if you are ok with that, we will get along fine :).


I’ve been watching for 30 years – my first episode was Cave Dwellers – and I’m still getting used to J Elvis as Tom Servo! (I’m in the middle of a Season 1 rewatch now and the sense of wrongness is starting to abate.)

This woke old progressive welcomes you, fellow Mistie :grin:


Welcome, fellow old. You’re in good company here. You’re probably like me, stubbornly resistant to change. I don’t see why the whole world can’t just freeze in exactly the position I want, with everything exactly how I like it. Is that so much to ask?

I was a fan during the Joel era and was part of the host hulabaloo when Mike took over. Age has thankfully mellowed me and it’s all good now. Every host has been a great host.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go practice for the Old Olympics; sharpening my rocking-chair-on-the-porch skills and yelling at people to get off my lawn.


Good luck in the Lawn Yelling competition, that’s a tough field.

Personally my best event is Being Annoyed By How Kids Today Use Words Differently. :medal_sports:


Ooh, that’s a tough field too. We should start a vocational school for this. I’d be working on my Masters in “You Call This Music?!”


Good grief, it just occurred to me that I’ve been a MSTie for more than half my life now (Cave Dwellers was my first, too), which at my age is more of an accomplishment than it is for some of the whippersnappers. Hail and welcome, fellow curmudgeon(s)! :wink:


Hey fellow old person.
I also got into the show when I was on Prodigy with a 28.8 baud modem, can remember hanging out on and am thrilled to have finally reclaimed my DeepHurting username for the first time in over 30 years!


I was on the Comedy Central forum on CompuServe. :older_man:


Compuserve for me, too. 102075,3027. Although I stated out with my local BBS before that. I know I was on the Comedy Central forum. Still going by MadHatter at that point, IIRC.


Welcome Old Person! Nice to see another Vintage Mistie here like me :blush:
We deserve kudos for trying to keep up with the latest “improvements” in the world.
Just about the time I figure it out, they change it.
Keep on keeping on :blush:


Oh, you had one of those new-fangled 10 addresses? I was 70303,373. That was before 8, 9 and 10 had been invented, you see…


Don’t forget to take your brain medicine!

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Anyone want to come over and play Atari?
video games 80s GIF by RETRO-FIEND


I was more of a Pitfall guy. Or Adventure. Hurry! Get the key from the … what is that, an 8-bit duck?


I prefer the classics.



Indeed! Hamurabi on TRS-80, anyone?


Did they make a “Go North. Get lamp.” joke in an episode of MST3K, or am I going crazy?

By the way,
Never have I ever been eaten by a Grue. :sunglasses:


That was a good one! I never had a TRS-80. I did type the code for “Hamurabi” in on my Apple ][+, tho’ (thank you Mr. Ahl, wherever you are), but the TRS-80 one was better, I think.


I believe they did. I can hear Hampton saying it now.

Me, neither, but primarily because I didn’t have access to a machine that played “Zork”.

The number of greasy little dwarves I smoked, however…


You guys think you’re old, when I became a MSTie, there wasn’t even a World Wide Web yet. We were on AOL and we liked it!

I don’t think I’ll ever be a curmudgeon, though. I seem to be stuck in ‘Well, at least the kids are enjoying themselves’ mode.

Although I have been known, when younger people complain about how bad everything is, to tell them about DDT and Merthiolate.

I also don’t get upset about changes. Things are always changing. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Just roll with it, is my motto.