Huge Issue - Movies Not Playing

Hi - This issue first showed up (I think) about 16 hours ago, and has persisted since:

When I click “Watch” for any episode, I get the usual alarm sound and the start down the tunnel, but as soon as the theater appears, it winks out and I’m left with a black screen. I’m still in the 'plex, because the purple question icon is still in the corner (and works), but I can’t navigate away from that screen.

The wink out happens just as the system seems to be switching from the intro over to the specific movie - As soon as the rotating activity icon appear in the center of the screen, everything just goes black. Looks like the system is cutting out when it tries to load the specific episode. Up until now, that step has always happened flawlessly, with virtually no delay. I’m using MS Edge, and have been all along.

Is this a known issue? Please advise. Thanks!

Can confirm this is not happening in Chrome, so it might be an Edge issue or something with your system.

Is your browser up-to-date? (what version are you on?)

Is this on a computer or some sort of device? (tablet, phone, etc?)

Have you installed any new extensions?

If you are on a computer, if you restart your computer (hard reboot, not just a restart) does this persist?

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Hi LadyShelley - thanks for getting back so quickly.

My issue seems to be resolved now - it was pretty clearly an artifact of the “construction” you guys have been doing with the viewing bunkers for Hallowe’en. The spot where I was winking out is the exact spot where the new theater interface is activated. That seems to be working for me now. If I’d realized that work was going on, I would have sat tight and waited for the dust to settle before posting. I’ve experience small access issue when you guys were doing work in the past. Right now, my fridge is not displaying my owned collection correctly, but I’ll give that some time to resolve itself, so no worries.

For the record (and for the possible info of others), was having this issue on a Dell XPS 15 9750 laptop with everything updated (Edge v. 106.0.1370.42) and no funky video software. Obviously tried a hard reboot before posting, and was having no issues with video playback (live from other sites or from storage) anywhere else (including accessing owned MST3K Eps via “my videos/purchases”).

In any case, looks like this issue is resolved - thanks, again!


If you’re still having some issues, I suggest you clear your cache as well. The scripts and other resources used by the browser to construct the Gizmoplex are periodically replaced but your browser might not have noticed yet. This may also help with the video fridge.

Also, @ivan mentioned in a recent update that you may want to click the search icon in the video fridge. This will reload your video “inventory” data and may resolve problems with the list of your collection.

If it doesn’t, please post a new thread here and describe the problem in detail.

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Hi - thanks.

Those tips didn’t solve the issue regarding the display of my owned episode collection (I own 168 of the Eps that are available in the Gizmoplex, and it’s only displaying 65 of them).

There have been a couple of other times in the past when something similar has happened, and it’s always resolved itself in time, and I’ve long since downloaded all of my owned Eps, so I’m content to wait and see. But, if this issue persists, I will take your advice and post a new thread here.

Take care.

You can also email about this - they can help look into the state of your account or point you towards VHX support.

Okay - thanks very much.