Humor Today.

Humor Today. How is it the same? How is it different? You simply let it rip or do you think and reflect prior to cracking a joke? Is subtlety or impact more where it’s at? Emotion, context, relevancy, is your audience the key or where you’re coming from? Cheers.

Unfortunately for me, besides MST3K, today’s humor in some TV shows and movies are too bland and dull for my taste.

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Either “too bland” or over the top I feel. Maybe that’s just me.

It’s better than ever. I think the biggest trend might just be in the quantity and findability. I wouldn’t be so bold as to claim anyone has invented a new comedy type, but more of what I like is available that at any point in the past.

There’s a lot more surreal humor available now, which I love, and a lot more niche, tailored humor inspired by and aimed at subcultures. An example of the former would be The Mighty Boosh, and and example of the latter might be Venture Bros, although both of those are already a little dated. They’re pulled from the years when I first started noticing the trend, I suppose.


Fewer Bob Packwood jokes.


And John Sununu jokes.


Not only is there more comedy content being produced now, to feed the ever-increasing number of outlets, but access to the older material has never been easier.
So there’s more good stuff available than ever before in history. Okay, and more bad stuff. And then a whole Megaweapon-sized truckload of the so-so stuff.