Hypothetical: Live Action Justice League Movie Made in 1985...Cast?

Eastwood: Jonah Hex. :wink:

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sam j jones are the justice leauge

very nice. i didnt think of it, but i like it a lot

so obvious too. well done sir

Don’t know about '85 but I do for '97

Ah, I like that. He had the bearing, the ladies love him… (I feel like that’s actually really important to Superman’s portrayal.)

This keeps coming up but Ima disagree. Ford doesn’t have the menace to do Batman justice, and he’s too rustic to do Wayne. (Now, he got more range as he got older, so maybe by the '90s?) Kurt Russell has the menace but is also too rustic for Wayne.

Batman needs a Bond-like quality. Just instead of “suave but sociopathic” more “suave but psychopathic”. Like a Timothy Dalton.

Holy spitting image, Batman!

17 is a bit young but not too young. IIRC, Diana Prince (both her island name and the name of the nurse whose life she stole, by an odd coincidence) was just at her majority when she left Paradise Island.

Yeah, well, that’s like, your opinion, man.

Starman-era Bridges…Hmmm. He’s such a good actor. Hell, he could probably be Batman. Suave like The Fabulous Baker Brothers, dangerous like Jagged Edge

1985 Luke Perry? I can see that!

She’d be better for Huntress. As a magic-type, Zatanna would probably be better played by someone daintier. Meg Tilly?

It’s the movie we didn’t know we wanted!

Damn The Flash looks thicc in that!

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