I can not believe you haven't all worked out who White Dot is...

Everything is right in front of you.
Clearly, you all need to do more research.
Only one ever held the least amount of concern for us, the viewers who he knew Joel had tried to break through to, to warn, to prepare. He inherited a mantle and bore his boss’s disdain with the silent courage of all who shield the would-be victims of an overlord’s misguided ‘science’.

Only one who told us to fly our freak flags high.

At the end of the other Santo episode!!

Before ascending to Second Banana Heaven.

oh fer crying out loud you still haven’t figured it out?

‘…all the world will fall in love with the night, and pay no heed to the garish sun.’

Frank didn’t understand the changes in television technology, so I’ve taken the White Dot that we saw and tweaked the levels a bit.


He’s trying to warn us!

He gave us a whole 20 minutes to push the button, ANY BUTTON.


You people.
Zods I need some Ovaltine.


…seriously, did I miss a cult?


Just the glorious majesty of Season 13’s breakout character.


^^^ I can’t determine if this is a Yes or a No. :wink:


I’m a big supporter of the White Dot, believe me. :smiley:


James Bond GIF

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That is a beautiful theory. Thank you. And if (as seems likely) that’s all the Frank we’ll get this season, I’ll take it.

At the beginning of this live stream, Joel spoke for a few minutes to get things started and then cued the new opening theme sequence. Instead, we got nothing but a big white dot on a black background for several minutes before the “technical difficulties” screen came up. So there were hundreds of Msties all excited and ready to go and nothing to look at but a white dot. Of course it instantly became a cult. You kind of had to be there, but also there was no other way that was going to go.


Thank you for explaining! I had to be at the doctor’s office during the premiere so I missed White Dot. I got a bit of context from the forum but this is the first time I’ve understood exactly what happened, since they excised WD from the replay.


And TV’s Frank the White shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of backers



There was no white dot there is no proof of any white dot what white dot it’s all a lie no dot to see here.

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Such unparalleled powers of deduction! Of course we should have all seen it, but it took a Master of logic and mystery the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Batman, and Mr. Spock. Now Derek shall join the hallowed halls of the greatest Detectives (and starship science officers) of all time!

All hail…

What was his name again?

Oh yeah, all hail Derek!


Well, I guess the thread on if there will be a Conniff cameo can be closed, now.

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Others may put you down, but I will always say, “give me my TV’s Frank…” And when he shall die; cut him into tiny stars; and he shall make the face of Heaven so fine, that all the world will fall in love with the night, and pay no heed to the garish sun.


I think it would have been hilarious if Matt would have held up a White Dot for a bit, when his audio wasn’t working during the after show.

Sort of a White-Dot-on-a-stick, for quick use when such glitches arise.

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I see White Dot as a snapshot of the community. Elsewhere, people would have raged, made demands, etc.

Instead, that little snag turned into a character you have no reason to care about outside of the fact that you and a special set of others all saw it at the same time.

What made it even better was that it was not left to the community to keep alive. I love that the creators embraced it.

And it just gets better, thanks to some crafty “zoom and enhance” work. Great job, Derek. I will try and sing as high as you can and avoid carbs for at least a couple hours.

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