I don't see my name in the Gizmoplex wall of backers

Have all the backers been added to the wall of backers in the Gizmoplex? I don’t see mine.

Thank you…Susan Kaplan

Completion of the backer wall was announced a month or so ago.

Which campaign did you back? Season 11 or 13?

I don’t see mine either… atleast not in the Munchie episode. Haven’t checked the others yet.

My understanding is that the Season 13 backers are spread over the length of the season, so you might not see your credit until later in the year.


Oo gotcha. I’ll keep an eye out.

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The OP is talkin’ about the backer wall inside the Gizmoplex.


Also, I don’t think it’s all backers this time like with the first KS. Getting your name in the end credits was a $150 and up reward. (unless something changed)

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My name is also not on the backer wall, although I think that’s because I said not to put it there on the survey. Didn’t really know what they meant by that at the time TBH. Oh well.

Season 13

The backer plaques should be in number order as well. Have you tried scrolling through to your backer number and seeing if you might have used a different name? (I thought mine was missing, and then realised I had added a space between Lady and Shelley, for exaample)

As @LadyShelley suggests, confirm your backer number (when viewing all campaigns you’ve backed, click on the plus icon for season 13; it’s the last item listed in the resulting table). The wall is organized in ascending backer order.

And, like @dcavalari mentions, have you doublechecked that you filled out the campaign survey and didn’t opt out of being listed? See campaign updates #35 and #43.

If both of those are :white_check_mark: then you could always fire a flare at kickstarter@mst3k.com.

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