I have a Q about the Rifftrax: Swamp Thing KS

This was my first time backing their Kickstarters, and I wondered if anyone with some history in these can just give me a rough timeline/general explanation:

The “parody song” is the same one Kevin is currently working on, correct?
And that will be available to download/stream some time after the live show?
And has anyone gotten the “new shorts” before? About how long before/after are those sent out?

I also bought the hobgoblin socks and a pin/sticker pack off eBay, so I’m all in on the swag! Just wondered about the digital goodies to go along with it.

Thanks in advance!


There isn’t really a solid timeline for when those happen, but it’s never terribly long. Kevin does a song for most (all?) of the live shows, and that is usually released right after the show happens. The shorts usually show up in the following weeks or couple of months.

Suffice to say, none of the digital goodies have ever taken them so long to fulfill that I’ve had to wonder if they were coming.


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! I assumed they were pretty well-versed with these kinds of things by now. Just wanted to know my assumptions weren’t way off base!

And if anyone is ready to hand on some knowledge, it would be a MSTIE!


Well here’s something that should brighten your day




You’ll get an email from Backerkit the day of the live show with a link to the new song to at RiffTrax.com where you can download it and where it gets added to your library, or at least that’s the way it’s worked the past few years. Sometimes they put it up for sale to non-backers right away, sometimes there’s a delay.

As for the shorts, they don’t show up at any given time that I can tell; in 2020 it was July, in 2019, December. But again, you’ll get an email. The address mine come from (yes, I have all of them saved) is: “RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin no-reply (at) s.backerkit (dot) com” so make sure you have that email set up to not get thrown into spam and/or erased.


Has Kevin lost weight? I feel like he has when I seem him on some of these streams but then he comes out on stage. lol



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