I... I mean you... I mean we... we did it.

I dropped into another thread a throwaway almost of not believing that ‘we’re here’, that we’ve just seen the last full ep of a new season… in 2022… and…

It’s insane and amazing and almost melancholic and thankful and… about a thousand other things.

We - WE - won the Super Bowl. Thanks to a caring parent and caretakers and so many friends of the family.

And then, as I had expected, Space Dad/Uncle/Brother/Cousin said oh hey yeah, you know, chill out, enjoy the holidays, we’ll have some news for you before long… we really think you’re gonna like it.

We should really just relax. All is well.



I didn’t invent that someone said it months ago but I can’t remember who


I really had to work hard not to use that in the above :wink:


We are all Chunk Ironchest today.


It was me!

(It wasn’t me.)


Gosh, it’s still stunning to me that Season 13 is now in the rear-view mirror.

What a journey.


A round of applause, everyone… for Mary Jo Pehl!


I’ve said it many times before — this was an enthralling process from start to finish. An awesome moment in time that I’ll never forget.

I work in TV and film, less so now than in the past. Through my experiences, I’ve known first-hand about the hours, effort and work that goes in to productions. There are so many talented individuals who show up every day and work through exhaustion to put forth their knowledge, talent and passion on the page, in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

I’ve always said that Season 13 was a turning point for this series. There’s been a ton of those before, from KTMA>Comedy Channel/Central, from Comedy Central>Sci-Fi and then the beginning of the Netflix era. But I truly believe that this was the most major of them all. Combine that with the COVID restrictions, and the Alternaversal/SoL crew had their work cut out for them in advance.

And, in my honest opinion, it succeeded. As I’ve always said, the writing and performances are as strong as they’ve ever been and the audiovisual quality grew progressively better as the season went along. The extra Gizmoplex content (e.g. Synthia’s Selects) go the extra mile. It shows that the writers, crew-members and performers are also fans of the show — from all I’ve seen, they want it to succeed as much as Joel, Ivan, Matt and the Shout staff do. Everyone’s on board, and that’s special.

I’m convinced there will always be naysayers or those who fuel negativity under the pretense of “criticism”…it’s an unfortunate reality of much of the social media landscape. But I honestly can’t see why many would be upset over what we received this year. There is always room for improvement, however, and I’m sure the staff will evaluate much of that for Season 14. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next, especially now that COVID restrictions are lifting. I have faith that Joel and his staff will continue to get the most out of their performers and productions as the Gizmoplex evolves.

It’s been an awesome time. From the livestreams, the “Stingers” and the interactions with cast and crew. Even though I may be a hardcore Bills fan, the BACKERS ABSOLUTELY WON THE SUPER BOWL! :tada:


Big Ups to them for not being too freaked out to read the room when the Santo livestream crashed, and putting White Dot in the canon by the end of the show. I would so love to buy an unedited copy of the stream.


White Dot unintentionally becoming the newest MST3K ascended meme was the greatest. I give the staff a lot of credit for embracing it the way they did, especially on April Fools.

Turning something so stressful into what’s essentially the Gizmoplex’s first mascot seemed to be met with a little bit of reluctance at first, but as seen with Santa Dot this past week, White Dot now seems to be fully embraced. And that’s awesome.

(On top of that, our forums named “The Stinger” based on a reply from JoeC!)


Santa Dot as a Christmas Card would be a perfect example of ‘If you know, you know.”


I still laugh about White Dot suddenly entering the MST3K Pantheon. When the crew was at Dragon Con in 2018, I was asked about the “Marriott Carpet Cult” and I tried to explain it to some of them: Jonah, Rebecca, and I remember Tim being especially baffled. Just like “How does this even happen?”

Fast forward to this year and ALL HAIL WHITE DOT and there’s your answer, Tim. It just does.

I love this community. You’re all weirdos. :heart:


Yeah, this is the Boaty McBoatface Internet we’re talking about here.