I like the Virtual Theater - thanks for the tour!

I like the Virtual Theater - thanks for the tour!


Yeah, that was cooler than I’d expected. A lot of good thought and beautiful art went into that. And it’s only going to get better as the rest gets filled in.

One thing: I hope someday we can have our avatars in the theater seats when we watch with friends or in the live event Kingadome.

But right now, everything is great just watching it on my Kinga Chromebook.


One day in the (hopefully not too) distant future the Glizmoplex becomes a Club Penguin like site with cambots floating around, all customizable with colors, shells and hats as MST3k makes a better social hub then facebook.


Cool look and I love the concept of earthlings using cambots to attend the moon theater👍🏻


My wife and I thought this was cool too! I’m looking forward to using it to introduce my friends to MST3K. My niece and nephew too, when they’re a little older. Thank you to all involved!

Very excited about the prospects and potential of the Virtual Theater, thanks to that tour.

This is what I would have loved to have experienced in the 90s, if the tech existed back then. It looks so… homey, such a warm and welcoming place for devotees of the show.


100% agree with this idea. It would really add to there being a sense of community, “seeing” other’s cambots present.

What is everyone going to name their Cambot?

I think I’ll call mine Keith, but if it doesn’t like Keith I’ll call it Jim.

Careful about making the Gizmoplex a multi-user interface… we might get newb-killers lying in wait to jump you and steal your popcorn and tickets.

When you nearly bump your nose on the screen trying to make out your name on the wall of contributors’ plaques as they zoom by, you know that you’re the vainest fan who ever lived. Also, you’re reminded that you should see the optometrist more than once every 15 years. D’oh!!