I Wrote the Wrestling Sketch. AMA.

Hello, all. Devon here, a writer for the show. I’ve been seeing all your kind remarks about the wrestling host segment and I wanted to thank you all for that.

I pitched the sketch and co-wrote it with Tammy Golden. I figured it might be fun on a Saturday afternoon to answer some of your questions about the sketch or the episode or whatever’s on your mind as long as it isn’t math.

So AMA, Brotherrrr.


What other writing have you done, or what types would you like to do in the future? (I gather that we can look forward to more sketches by you in future episodes.)


You will, for better or worse, see more sketches from me. In fact, you saw one in this episode. I also co-wrote the Yearbook/time travel sketch.

As far as the past, I’ve written lots and lots of comedy seen by less than lots and lots of people.

As far as the future, I want to do this for as long as possible. But I wouldn’t mind writing an episode of It’s Always Sunny.


As good as the wrestling sketch was, brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, that yearbook sketch had probably my favorite host line of the night when Jonah said he couldn’t look at the spiral cause of his motion sickness and he’d just pretend to be hypnotized.


OH OH I have a math question!!!


Okay…but it better not be about two trains leaving at the same time.


Dang. Well, then I need a few minutes.


No question, just something to say.

When I watched last night a buddy was over. He watches and collects a lot of old movies, but never got into the MST3K/Rifftrax general riffing thing that most of us are here for.

That said, one of the things we bonded over when we became friends was that we were both fans of 80/90s wrestling. I grew up with WWF, him with WCW.

We both got a huge kick out of that sketch, Kudos.


Curious if you wrote the sketch with each performer in mind, playing to their strengths, or if they all had to learn just who the heck it was they were supposed to be imitating and rose to the challenge?


Hey Devon! Wish I could add another like to your post but I’m currently in Reaction Detention for around 10,000 more seconds. :skull:

All silliness aside, this was an awesome segment that hit all the bullet points of mid 80’s backstage promos. The concept of “MST3K host as backstage wrestling interviewer” fits really well, considering they often have to wrangle the Bots just as a commentator would have to restore order just to finish an interview. Mean Jonah Okerlund was no exception.

I don’t have any questions (for now at least) but you have my congratulations. This segment was really well written, as was the overall episode. And from my perspective as a wrestling fan, you and Tammy definitely made some history.

All the best in your future efforts!


The wrestling sketch was great! Are there any riffs that made it into the ep you can claim?

Someone deserves a ton of love for “You fool, I was me the whole time!”


That was indeed a great sketch, one I am confident will become a “classic” among fans.

What I liked about it, and about the show in general last night, was that it gave us a little more of the bots’ personalities. To me, in the Netflix years, the bots seemed to be just joke spewing machines, lacking in the kind of playful interactions which we found in previous years. This sketch is a great start to what I am now confident will be a very rewarding season.

:clap:t3: to you for a job well done!


Maybe it was just me, but that sketch played like a conversation between Hogan and Macho Man, and I loved it. Mean Jonah was great, and his suit was spot on. Takes me back to my childhood. Great sketch!


Did you take any inspiration from that Muppet rap battle video a while back? Kermit’s part of it also had him delivering compliments like they’re supposed to be insults.


What about two brains? What happens if they leave at the same time, and in different directions?


There’s actually quite a few, but I’ll keep it short and give special mention to “Madam, can I interest you in some cholera”, “Whoa, L7 got back together” & “Little Dead Corvette”.


I don’t know that video, the only inspiration I had was my favorite part of professional wrestling; cutting promos.


My wife really likes Prince and mostly likes (occasionally) watching MST with me to tease me about the references I miss.

She had a blast with the Little Red Corvette riff, then wandered away to listen to more Prince songs instead of finishing the movie with me.

Also, I’m in like jail so I can’t react to anything.



According to that Futurama with the mind transference device, nothing good.


I wrote it with the theory that three guys around my age probably knew the general tropes of the WWF in the 1980s. And boy howdy, did they.