idea for a 'bot

I was just watching the after-show discussion for The Shape Of Things To Come (I know, but I’ve been busy!) And had an idea for a new 'bot for the show after hearing the writers/actors talk about how hard it is to fill a LOT of empty time in a film.

How about a DJ bot - or - a ‘one-bot-band’ robot? Whenever there’s a huge chunk of time that the actors need to fill in the riffing, they could call for the music 'bot to help fill the time with background music for parody songs/musical riffs? They had a lot of time in the most recent Gamera film, and they often broke into song, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a music 'bot to jump in and karaoke it up a bit?

You could really do some fun designs, and it wouldn’t have to be a regular bot, just brought out when they needed some musical backing?

What do you think, sirs?


I loved the “free bot” from Robot Holocaust? He could pop in as a guest of Tom and Crow and even bring Valeria! Yeah, that would be worth having him on the bridge!


Ohh woww…

While it’s an interesting idea, I still hope that we’ll again get Growler and M. Waverly serving this function like they did in Killer Fish. If they can ever escape Kinga’s grasp.


I’m guessing that after the 30th Anniversary Tour ended, Kinga hired them immediately, and that’s how both Waverly and Growler got their jobs as Boneheads. And it’s definitely not by choice.
And now the biggest question to me for them is: HOW will they escape?


It could be something ultra-dramatic, or she could just end up losing them to Emily in a poker game. :thinking:


Or perhaps decoys of themselves?


I suspect the Kingachrome leak we heard about the other day will have something to do with their escape.