If you could add any totally original riff to an episode, what would it be?

For me I’d add a riff to The Incredible Melting Man and when Ted Nelson confronts the melting man i’d riff, impersonating Dr. Nelson:
“I’m here to help you…but do you have ANY crackers with you? I’d settle for a Ritz!”


When the nerdy brunet guy is forced to leap to his death in Space Mutiny

“Harry Potter— NOOOO!!!”

(Hey, retroactive riffs count, don’t they?)


I’m pretty sure that in Swamp Diamonds , the protagonists say “Break out” at least a dozen times before they go, and yet… not even one musical riff from Swing-Out Sister’s inescapable monster hit of 1986: “Breakout.”

I haven’t even heard this in any of the RT ladies’ riffs, and they clearly have a big thing for 1980s pop hits. [sulks]

Anyway, I’d add it to S.D. incessantly until I finally had my robot arm torn off. Could work in Red Zone: Cuba too in which case my fate is to be hurled across the theater. But I ain’t a-scared. I will “…lay down the law and shout out for more!” So there!

:musical_note: Da-da-da-da-DAH-DAH… :musical_note:

[ETA- If I’m skirting the bounds of “original,” here I’m sorry. I assume that it means, “A riff they never did on the show.” :crossed_fingers:

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In “What To Do On a Date” there is a clip of the catcher throwing to second in a baseball game. The correct riff would be, “And Nick is called out at second base.”


In Hamlet, when Hamlet enthusiastically greets Horatio, a “You magnificent bastard!” should be added (Horatio was portrayed by the same actor who was Rommel in Patton).


[the title GORGO appears onscreen]

Mike as Torgo: “ThE mAsTeR wOuLd NoT aPpRoVe…”