I'm a Military!

Today is the Army’s birthday! 249 years baby!

Happy birthday to my brothers and sisters who are or were in the US Army!

But also, we have a lot of military represented on this forum! Sound off yous guys!!


U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Veteran 1988-92. 4 ballistic missile subs and 1 fast-attack.

Helped end the cold-war :sunglasses:
Used to drive them and plot their courses. 5 subs in 4 years was enough for me
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Me at the monument to my second sub outside the the Kings Bay, GA Trident sub base (I was actually stationed there back in 1991-92)


Air Force radio fixer in the 70’s and 80’s. Installed, operated, and maintained comm systems operating ‘from DC to daylight’, in fixed and mobile environments.


Counter Intelligence from 90-93. I did top secret security clearance investigations. I was also part of a Crisis Action Team during the first Gulf War, where I did bomb threat analysis for USAEUR (US Army Europe) in München for the 66th MI BN.

Was an Army wife for a while (98-2006) where I was very active in the FRG (Family Readiness Group…I think they call it something else now) doing newsletters for the unit, teaching classes to new spouses and making tiny cakes for everyone’s birthday the the morning formation. :partying_face:


US Navy Nuclear Mechanic 2002-2008. One carrier, two deployments. I operated a lot of valves and pumps and sweat a lot.


USAF Aircraft Armament System Specialist (“Weapons, the force, ayuh!”) from '85-'89. We mostly loaded bombs and missiles on jets, and loaded their cannons with ammo. In some squadrons that earned you the nickname ‘bb stacker’, but I never loaded a single cannon, and was nuclear certified, since I worked on F-111 fighter/bombers my entire career. We also repaired the electronics for the armament systems, but most of that work was done by the specialized ‘release crew’, unless it was a very minor fix.

The one thing I really learned from my time in service was a healthy disrespect for (unearned) authority.


Hello, fellow nuke.


pokes head in
Army brats allowed in here? :smiley:


Yes, ma’am!

Military and military adjacent!

(even the Coast Guard) :flushed:


Well then… I was about 2 when my mom went to college and joined ROTC, then she did basic at Fort Huachuca.

I did preschool and 1st grade at Fort Campbell where my mom was the first female something leader in the 101st Airborne – someday I’m gonna get her to write down the details so I can remember them!

Then we did a stint in VA with both parents working at the Pentagon (dad was a civilian contractor), then Patrick Henry Village in Heidelberg where mom did intelligence work (she was loosely affiliated with Able Archer '84).

Then the Army sent mom to graduate school at UW-Madison so she could do her next stint teaching English lit at West Point. After that she went to Leavenworth while stayed in NY and did my last year of HS, then I was off to college and she went to Stuttgart, then back to the Pentagon as the speechwriter for the Army Chief of Staff. She also taught at the DIA

She retired at 20 years, would have stayed in longer but they were set to move her again and she didn’t want to leave Virginia. She really liked being in the Army.


She did BASIC at Fort Huachuca??? I didn’t know they did basic there! I did my MOS training at Huachuca!

(Also your mom is friggin’ awesome! That is an impressive stint!)


Yep! (And she is!) My dad was an apartment manager and full time parent in Sierra Vista while my mom was in basic training.

And here she is in ROTC at the University of Fairbanks. This is probably the best pic ever taken of my mom.


Rappelling! NICE!!


Air Force brat, here.

My father was part of Strategic Air Command. We weren’t allowed to know what he actually did.


Yep, when my mom was in MI she was fond of the “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you” joke.


When the CAT (Crisis Action Team) broke down, I took the print off the wall (with permission) that was hanging in the hallway.

I should take a pic, but it’s the 66th MI BG logo and it says “Do not discuss classified information in this area”

It now hangs in our bar! :laughing:


My dad was on a sub in the mid 50s, testing out the sonar systems that would eventually be installed on those new fangled nuclear subs they were building at the time.

Here he is sitting on his boat, the USS Blenny:

He passed away 8 years go, he would have loved to see all the pictures I took during the drydock tour walking under the battleship NJ last weekend.


I was never in the Green Berets, but I once found a raspberry beret in a secondhand store.


Never served, but was military adjacent as I repaired weapon sensors for some cool systems that helped keep kids out of the line of fire.

Remote Weapon Systems


Also known as “Rock Climbing”, but we won’t hold that against her.