Impressions of the Gizmoplex

Some thoughts on the Gizmoplex:


  • I really like the three different close-ups of the theatre, and they look sharper than what I am used to seeing on youtube.
  • When I watch on the zoom in, would it be possible to have the Exit option there as well? Right now I need to click ‘demagnify’ before getting the Exit button.

KingaDome Lobby

  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to exit out of the ‘live stream has ended’ Crow pop-up, which may be confusing to some viewers who just want to click back ‘down’ to the previous floor (as users get used to these controls). Can the message be displayed differently from a pop-up? And then the ‘down escalator’ button available?

Backers Atrium

  • As mentioned somewhere else, the Search bar and ‘Exit’ button while searching for a backer do not line up with the image.

Video Store

  • The colour of the Video Store is really close to that of the Screening Bunker, compared to the bright contrasts of the Backers’ Atrium and the Lobby.

Screening Bunkers

  • Under Shorts, perhaps this is coming but I couldn’t find A Date with Your Family.
  • Otherwise, the Bunkers look pretty straightforward for finding the movie or short I’m looking for and I like the different filter options!

My impression always ends up sounding like Ed McMahon for some reason.



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I am probably doing something wrong but when I go to log in, I end up at the “Thanks for registering” page and can’t get anywhere else. I registered with the invite last week I believe.

Did you try setting up an account before you received the invite? Did you receive a verification email?

If you’re still having problems, email the helpdesk:

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I did set up my account and received the invite and verification email. I sent an email to gizmoplex, thanks for the tip. I probably did something weird.

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I got in. I love this website. The design is so very much MST3K in every way. In a really great way, it reminds me of old school websites–it’s very unique and doesn’t have the template feel everything else has now.

-Picture in Picture would be great for PC, Laptop, etc…

  • Chromecast works great from the website, not sure how/if this would work but it would be nice to be able to cast the “theater” along with the video.