In-person set visit folks – let's get to know each other before Philly!

Just received early details about the upcoming in-person set visit in Philadelphia! Naturally we are all sworn to secrecy about the date, time, location, etc.

BUT – I thought it’d be great if we could chat a bit here before we meet in person.

I’m Ricky and as luck would have it, I live about 5 minutes away from the studio where this will be filming. I’m happy to answer any questions about Philadelphia, for those who will be coming into town.


What is this “Philadelphia”?


I always wanted to go to the in-person set visit, but for obvious reasons, I couldn’t go. Plus, it’s too expensive…

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Philadelphia, excellent, near enough to San Francisco I’ve seen.

It is a magical place where the streets are paved with soft pretzels and tasty kakes.

On every street corner a cheesesteak can be found… While on the opposing corner you will find someone shouting that you went to the wrong place but, rest assured, THEY can tell you where to get the BEST cheesesteak in town.

(Incidentally, Tony Luke’s down on Oregon Avenue is always solid for my money).

I’m unfortunately not going to the set visit but as a Philly native, let me know if anyone wants suggestions of things to do while in town. :slight_smile:

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