Inconsistent Production IDs

Inspired by a feature request to see season/episode numbers, I pointed my eyeballs at the video JSON and noticed some values for production_id are not consistently formatted (the convention is two digit numbers for season and episode, preceded by the letter S or E, or in the case of shorts, a second S).

Low priority since these don’t seem to be used in the user interface, but as a data person this makes my eye twitch.

[S0E02] => KTMA: Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars
(should be S00E02)

[308] => Gamera vs Gaos
(should be S03E08)

[S0907] => Hobgoblins
(should be S09E07)

[S6S08] => Short: A Day At The Fair
(should be S06S08)

[S5S14] => Short: Is This Love?
(should be S05S14)

And an honorary mention for:
[S06S21B] => Short: Money Talks!
Since this is the first short in the episode, should it not have the B? Though perhaps it was indeed produced later. So this note just serves as “confirm if that’s correct.”

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They could get used in the future for some purpose, so this is still worth noting and possibly fixing.

Oh absolutely, which is why I’m reporting it. I’m just making it clear that it’s not a high priority because it’s really only hurting me and my sensibilities.