Incorrect pricing for Gamera vs. Jiger livestream in Virtual Theater ticket booth

For people who do not have a pass already, when you click on the ticket booth in the Gizmoplex the price listed for the “Gamera vs Jiger” live event with a 1-week replay is listed at $14.99.

According to my friend, after you click on it the proper price of $7.99 is displayed. But having the purchase price listed as the Event price might put some potential sales off.


I’m not sure how exactly to explain this, but the Ticket booth in the virtual Theater charges 14.99 for a ticket to Gamera vs Jiger, where as the Ticket on is the usual 7.99 plus tax

Is this an error or something?

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Thanks for pointing this out, Nightspawn. It is a known issue which is on the team’s radar. The Virtual Theater ticket booth incorrectly lists the price as $14.99, but the price is correct at checkout.

Ticket Booth:


There is an identical bug report already in the system, so I’m going to consolidate them together to help streamline the process.

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Mod note: duplicate bug reports merged, thread title changed to better describe problem.

Reminder: Please vote at the top of any bug report or feature request you would like to see addressed. The team takes community voting into consideration when prioritizing issues.


This has finally been fixed. Apologies for the delay, all.

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