Inside the (B movie) Actors Studio

I think one of my favourite parts of the recent Kickstarter campaign was the interview with Frank Dietz after Zombie Nightmare. Listening to him talk about the director’s methods and working with Adam West was fascinating.

It would be great if this could become a regular feature in the Gizmoplex. Maybe Mike Nelson could reprise his James Lipton segments.


I loved the Frank Dietz interview as well, and it would be great to have more of the stars and filmmakers guest on the show. I bet the Edgewood crew would be up for it, for one.

I suggested during that campaign that Dietz could make a cameo in the new season as Patton’s cousin or uncle, TV’s Other Frank.


Y’all can thank me for the Frank Dietz appearance :wink:
After I saw they were doing Zombie Nightmare, I reached out to Frank and got him in touch with the right people :grin:


And he has had Jonah as a part of Scripts Gone Wild


Frank Dietz was super cool on the video chat…charisma out the wazoo and just so genuine.
Speaking of Nightmares, I was able to ask a couple questions to Jon Mikl Thor on the Twitch livestream chat of Rock N Roll Nightmare a couple of years ago that he answered.
The thing I remember was he jokingly said The Tritonz were ‘based on the Archies’ when I asked about the Archie jacket :laughing:


I would definitely be down for this. A lot of the stars and participants seem like really cool people who are into the gag.

A reminder Miles O’Keeffe is still alive.