Interesting Patreons you subscribe to

In the spirit of the Spread the Word About Interesting Kickstarters thread… how about any interesting Patreons you subscribe to? I weeded my membership list a while back and it’s looking a little scanty to me.

So to start, I’ll throw out Pistol Shrimp: the game company creating a sequel to the 1992 DOS/1994 3DO console game Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters, founded by that game’s original creators. The sequel recently shed its placeholder title of “Ur-Quan Masters 2” to be named Free Stars: Children of Infinity. (Another entity legally owns the trademark on the name “Star Control”.)


Maggie Mae Fish does really interesting analyses of films, often tying together really different movies where at first you’re like “what the heck are you on about?” and by the end you’re like “whoa, those two movies pretty much are the same, aren’t they?”

372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back. Think of it as RiffTrax for books.


I’ve been reading a webcomic called Going to Weather, which is a ghost story on a mid-19th century whaling ship, and have been enjoying it (the art is very good), so I recently subscribed to their Patreon.