Intro to Riffing: Class of 2021

Hi! I signed up for Joel’s Intro to Riffing class and thought it’d be fun to meet my future classmates. So, who else is taking it? I look forward to meeting (and learning) with you!


I haven’t signed up yet, but I might add it when the survey comes out. Sounds like fun.


Signed up. Can’t wait for it. I’ve been organizing a virtual riffing event for the past year, run a few riffing panels at cons and was a rifer for two different Rocky Horror troupes.

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I signed up for this and haven’t heard anything new since then. I hope I didn’t miss it! It’s my favorite backer perk!!

The class itself is looking like it was moved to Post Launch (one of the recent updates mentioned this). I’d probably make sure you’ve got your Backer Kit survey filled out, tho, just to be sure you get updates directly.

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Thanks, @Some_Anteater! That would make sense. Also figures it was probably in the one update I missed. I’ll track it down. But I did send the survey back right away so no worries there. Yay!