Introduce yourselves here!

Hihi, checking in from Salem (MA). I’ve been hooked since I stumbled upon MST3K and Dr. Who while looking for Saturday morning cartoons as a little kid.
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Elizabeth Sandifer is a top-tier writer and culture commentator, I haven’t read the Dr. Who book yet so a pleasant surprise to see her give it a shoutout there!


Another western Canadian? Golly!


And I was shocked to just find that the Roughriders play the Stamps in three consecutive games (due to their bye week when the Stamps and Lions play). There’ll be no friendly Simpsons images then!


Cool! Yeah she is for sure - I am on her Discord and find it an inspiring place. The Eruditorum books are superb and there’s one for each Doctor too, all are a really good read.


Hey fans!! MSC380K here! Glad to be on board!! “Hello! Thank You!”


Hi all you not-so-strange strangers! I’m Taylor from Oklahoma. I’ve been an on again/off again MSTie, but the isolation of the pandemic helped remedy that.

I’ve been an actor for 8 years and am writing, directing, and producing my first film this year (and probably into next year too.) It’s a feature length horror anthology and hopefully it will get riffed on by our favorite crew members and robots one of these years. :sweat_smile:

I’m very much looking forward to the forthcoming season, the Gizmoplex, and getting to chat with y’all!

@GrizzlyPhantoms on Twitter.


Hello! I am from Canada and I am actually a relatively new MSTie! I first saw the Netflix series a couple of years ago and about a few months ago, I started watching the earlier seasons and thank god I did! I wish I could’ve been around to experience the initial era of MST3K but alas! I also introduced the show to my parents, who found it ridiculous and they loved it.

I have a feeling that this Discourse is going to be Pretty Nice~~~


So many fun categories I’ve actually been hanging out for a few days without properly checking in. I’ve been a fan for 30 years, first finding mst3k completely on accident flipping channels late one night in high school. I’m proud to be a backer and I’ve had a blast seeing all these categories with all these neat people talking about things I love. Hello! Thank you!


The first time when I was 6 months old. The family moved back in '81 and I lived there till '89.


Hello, Howdy, Aloha. so glad that MSTK is coming back

i found my love for bad movies staying up late in Ohio and catching the Big Chuck and Little John show, which aired out of Cleveland.


Hello! Long, long, longtime watcher that just remembered to check back on this and said, woah, there are forums now. I 'm a Seattle-ite who writes fantasy & science fiction. Looking forward to checking out the other intros!


Hey all,

MST3k fan for quite a while now, but not long enough to have exchanged tapes!

Look out for snakes!


Hello all! I’ve been a fan since 1991 when I discovered the show while in college. I have passed on the tradition of watching the shows to my daughter. :nerd_face:


Hello from upstate NY. I’ve been a fan since my friend showed me an episode one Saturday morning in the summer of 1991 and while I don’t have a VCR I do still have all my tapes! Also I was super fortunate to attend both Conventio-Cons, anybody else here get to go to either?


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Greetings, programs! You can call me Chad, because that’s my name. MST3K helped me through a rough patch last year when I was knocked down with my first bout of COVID-19. Laughing your head off while fighting off an upper respiratory infection isn’t necessarily the smartest thing in the world, but it helped me get through it.


Hi Everyone,
I’m Dave. Who knew that once, a long time ago, my parents putting me in front of a TV show with puppets, would lead to me being a part of a movement to make another season of it!
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Hello! I’m a fan who was introduced to MST3K by a friend during the mid-2000s. Really quickly latched onto the series as being from the Midwest, all that Midwest humor was just A+! Really feels nostalgic and reminds me of all of my Wisconsin family.

I’m so glad to see the legacy of MST3K still going strong and to have a chance to back it with these projects! Really looking forward to seeing what this new season brings!


Thank you for your service to this country!

…and thank you for your support of MST3K!



Hello! I’m David from Idaho. Most will know me as Torgo from the Forrestcrow boards, but alas, that username is predictably taken here. I currently run a blog called MST3K, Rifftrax, and Beyond, where I try to log various riffing projects I watch. You can visit it ant

To the new season!